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Yelena Dash

7:40 AM, 2nd October 2014
About 7 years ago

Tenant gave fraudulent information to Utility provider

HI All,

I am happy to report that I managed to persuade Eon to clear the bill they sent me when my absconding tenant provided them with the fraudulent moving out date and the readings a few thousand kWs lower than actuals (which amounted to over £1000 bill for a period of 2 months and property being empty!)

I have told them that unless the can provide evidence of the start and end dates of my responsibility and the meter readings included in the bill, I will send a formal complaint to the Information Commissioner regarding Eon's failure to keep my personal records accurate.

I stated that the during the fixed-term AST, the tenant is indeed the "occupier" regardless if he is physically in the property or not, and that this is the accepted position for responsibility on damages and council tax.

I did provide enough data though to show that the readings were fraudulent (e.g. the closing reading before the tenant moved in, the reading taken during the property inspection, number of witnesses present at the readings, that the tenant provided two different moving out dates to the council).

I said that I don't have any disputes with any third parties (including the tenant) regarding the use of electricity and that that my dispute was solely with EON with regards to incorrect billing data.

In addition, I stated that I am prepared to defend my position in court and if they use any third party debt collectors it will be solely at their cost as I will not pay the disputed bill unless ordered by court.

I am not sure which of the arguments was the most effective, but I received the email from them that the balance was cleared. It took nearly 6 months.

I also asked EON to change the rules as Neil suggested above but not so hopeful it will be actioned.... Read More

Yelena Dash

6:10 AM, 14th September 2014
About 7 years ago

Tenant gave fraudulent information to Utility provider

I am currently trying to resolve a similar problem with EON: the tenant left before the end of a fixed term tenancy, called EON, and provided them not only with a moving out date, which nobody can verify, but what's worse with much lower meter readings. Now Eon is determined to charge me a huge bill for the period between the tenant's leaving date and the date the new tenant moved in.

I did the property inspection not long before the tenant moved out and took meter readings, which I provided to EON, however, their answer was " we cannot change the readings provided by your tenant".

Basically, they refer to this as a third party dispute (between me and the tenant). My view is that if they want me to pay and I don't accept this, the dispute is between me and EON. Unless the information and meter readings on the bill are accepted by me (and they can prove they are correct), in no way I am going to pay the bill.

EON' complaint procedure is a shambles. Taking it to the Ombudsman now and see what happens.

Re. Council Tax, he also notified the council that he moved out in Mar-14 although he actually moved out sometime in June. However, I sent his fixed term tenancy and for the new tenant to the Council (Braintree) and they accepted that I am not responsible for anything.... Read More