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Susan Alexander

14:00 PM, 27th September 2018, About 3 years ago

New Landlord Association seeking pledges

I'm in. Definitely happy to support a more aggressive approach to fighting the landlords corner.... Read More

Susan Alexander

20:43 PM, 27th November 2013, About 8 years ago

Would you invest in Manchester or London property?

I would tend to agree with the local theme that has been referred to in the other posts, and in addition, I personally prefer houses to flats, as flats usually have management fees and other shared responsibilities that you often have little control over when it comes to costs.... Read More

Susan Alexander

9:36 AM, 15th November 2013, About 8 years ago

Please help me with my BTL dilemma

Hi Prakesh,

Mark's feedback is very relevant to the questions you have asked and I would certainly suggest taking note of this. As a new investor it is very natural to have lots of questions going around in your head, however from my experience it is important to ask yourself the right questions.

It sounds like you haven't necessarily set out to do this just because your brother wants a place to live. If that is the case I would wind back a bit, taking your brother out of the equation for a minute, and ask yourself why you are doing this? Is it to provide; extra cashflow? a pension in the future? a legacy for your children? Once you have the answers to this you can set a goal and invest with your head, not your heart.

As you can probably already see from the other posts there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer, however it is important that you understand what your goal for investing is, otherwise you could make some very costly mistakes. I would definitely recommend before you do start investing that you get some education, a coach/mentor to help you invest with knowledge and skill to achieve your goal in a more cost and time efficient way.... Read More