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9:00 AM, 25th July 2020
About 10 months ago

My email to Woman's Hour regarding Shelter response to no DSS

An excellent letter. Shelter (and for the past few years the government and it feels media (BBC)) have done nothing but bash landlords.

The pendulum has already swung too far against the landlord but I fear we will likely get a labour government in the next few years who will push it even further and IF and WHEN that happens. Things will get even worse for both Landlords and Tenants.

For example 'Rent Controls' will force landlords to increase the rent by the maximum amount allowed every year rather than having the choice to maintain them for good tenants. This has been shown to be the effect where it has been tried in the past, making properties even less affordable to rent.

It does feel like every few months there is a new regulation added on that Landlords need to adhere to (legally 'or else'). Which of course make it more and more difficult for new landlords to enter and makes the existing landlords more likely to want to quit the business of providing clean quality affordable accommodation.... Read More


21:27 PM, 9th July 2020
About 10 months ago

New Electrical Safety standards guide for 1st July

It is yet one MORE obligation on Landlords shoulders.

The cost of course will have to be passed onto tenants via higher rents, as is the case with any business where costs increase so does the price to the end user.

But it is the time it takes allowing access and the fact it recurs every 5 years that really annoys me. Especially as apparently private landlords who own properties in their own name are not running a business but merely own an investment (otherwise the interest on mortgages would be tax deductible). << Yes that was Sarcasm in case anyone missed it.

It seems to me like the government are totally against landlords at the moment, attempting to bury us in red tape and of course if you do not have every box ticked perfectly you will get a big fat fine and/or be a criminal and/or not be able to evict tenants even if they are not paying rent and trashing the place or selling drugs and upsetting the neighbours.

It has gone too far, I am Ironically in a position where I could literally double my portfolio in the next 5 years and instead I am looking at investments abroad. If the UK do not want me to buy and renovate properties and provide quality affordable accommodation I am perfectly happy (and able) to go and make a living elsewhere.... Read More


16:38 PM, 25th November 2019
About A year ago

Anyone have a definitive guide for UC tenants?

The ONLY way you should ever consider a UC tenant is with a VERY STRONG guarantor.

As a result of the new deposit cap it is very rare for us to accept any UC tenants, if possible we find a working professional.

Previously we could take £5 short of 2 months rent as deposit AND a guarantor. This meant IF (or should I say WHEN) the council decides that the tenants ‘circumstances have changed’ and stop paying (something they never seem to tell the Landlord about until the tenant is well in arrears). We can speak with the tenant and make sure they understand that they need to get the council to pay up to date and we then also call the guarantor and also serve section 21 notice. That would usually lead to the tenant getting things resolved with the council and if they don’t the guarantor should pay the rent but in the event that they don’t we have the 2 months covered by the bigger deposit.

But once section 21 is abolished combined with the cap on deposits, we now only even consider UC tenants in exceptional circumstances AND with a high quality guarantor.

It really is not the tenants, I have had many really lovely long term Housing Benefits tenants in the past, but at some point where there is not a bigger deposit and guarantor, there has always been some issue where the council has stopped paying and of course the council will not talk with us about it so as a Landlord you are left in the dark. The tenant has no way to pay and you are left to evict to get possession back and just to stick the knife in the council almost always advise the tenant to stay and force you to go through the entire process to get them out.

So it is 100% crucial you only rent to UC tenants if you have a very strong guarantor, but if at all possible avoid and aim for a different market group.

My view is the government should pass a law that councils MUST pay ALL rent due to landlords in ADVANCE regardless of if the ‘claimant/tenant’ is entitled to it or not IF the claimant was entitled to it at the start of the tenancy. Then the council should be responsible for claiming that back from the tenant if it is due. That would give landlords piece of mind that the rent will be paid. But I think I have more chance of winning the lottery than that happening.

I hope that helps and good luck.... Read More


21:02 PM, 6th July 2019
About 2 years ago

The Alliance Housing Policy

Reply to the comment left by Chris Daniel at 06/07/2019 - 19:54
Hi Chris
I must be missing something. What benefit are you expecting to get from being on a government list?

Bearing in mind at some point or other in the future the government (of one colour of another) will need to raise taxes and will review the easy options. This list would make for a very easy lets tax landlords like this list.

Also please do remember that each council is nothing more than a limited company albeit one that can put it's prices up and force its 'customers' to pay more whilst at the same time reducing what 'service' they provide (I do of course use the term service tongue in cheek).

Maybe I am being too skeptical and untrusting of either the government or councils, but I like to make decisions based on my own first hand experiences and from where I am standing they do not seem like they want to help any private landlords in any way whatsoever.... Read More


20:51 PM, 6th July 2019
About 2 years ago

The Alliance Housing Policy

Reply to the comment left by Gromit at 06/07/2019 - 18:52
I agree HMRC know the total incomes of landlords but the information is not shared with councils.... Read More