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Saturday 9th November 2013

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Andy Evans

11:34 AM, 9th November 2013, About 8 years ago

What accountancy software do landlords use?

Whilst I agree it's overkill for 3 properties, I can't recommend Xero highly enough. I've been running my portfolio and other businesses on it for getting on for 4 years now and love it. I also introduced my accountants to it and despite them being sage to the core they now have over 30 clients that they've moved over to Xero because it's so much easier to run a business on it. One of the great things it allows a portfolio landlord to do really easily is to be able to report profit and loss down to an individual property level (providing you set up the tracking features and code each transaction to the relevant property, which takes seconds to do). This level of insight is invaluable and has resulted in us changing strategy on some properties where through looking back at prior years performance we've realised for example that a property would be more profitable as a single let than a multi-let after taking all costs into account. For anyone that's VAT registered it makes filling your returns an absolute breeze, you can literally do it in a few seconds and all from within Xero as it has a direct link to HMRC's systems. Xero also has great data import capabilities, so moving to it can be pretty simple, even from a spreadsheet based system. Another cool feature is when you send invoices by email the recipient gets a link to click on which shows the invoice and any other outstanding invoices on their own screen, which is pretty cool on its own, also if you've set up payment links such as paypal, there will be a pay it now button the recipient can click on to pay you, which is really cool. All in all it's a really clever system and they are adding further functions to it all the time, pretty much every month!... Read More

Andy Evans

14:45 PM, 21st November 2011, About 10 years ago

Link Back Challenge

Hi Mark,

BMVwarehouse ( is a nationwide seller of Below Market Value / Discounted Buy-to-Let property. We are members of the Property Ombudsman and have comprehensive PI insurance for the protection of our clients.

Great to share links with you, I'll add a link to your site from our resources page.

Andy... Read More