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10:58 AM, 5th August 2020, About A year ago

Funding for boilers and more coming

Would landlords have to apply for this directly or are tenants able to apply as well?... Read More

BTL Landlord

12:55 PM, 30th June 2020, About A year ago

Expensive insurance due to sensitive 3rd party information?

Reply to the comment left by Neil Patterson at 30/06/2020 - 11:20
Are leaseholders allowed to ask the freeholders / management for a copy of the actual insurance premium invoice to see the exact cost?
Some freeholders apparently charge extra on top for their administration time but do not disclose the info the leaseholders... Read More

BTL Landlord

15:34 PM, 20th June 2020, About A year ago

Local Housing Allowance and rent increase?

Good Afternoon All
I have read the above thread which is very interesting. in order to increase the rent on a property where the tenant is supported by HB or UC (tenant is single mother with 8 year old has not told me which benefit she receives) , once the fixed term has come to an end becoming a statutory periodic tenancy does the landlord legally first need to serve section 13 notice directly to the tenant ?

Also where the tenant works Part time and supported by benefits , once the proposal has been put forward to the council , will they just increase the benefit part and leave the tenants own calculated proportion as is as long as tenants income hasn’t increased.

I have been looking to increase the rent for sometime but have held off due to the tenants circumstances.
However I’m now at a point where refinancing for a upcoming project is difficult due to the income not stacking up.... Read More

BTL Landlord

20:31 PM, 23rd April 2020, About 2 years ago

Making a tenant bankrupt?

Reply to the comment left by David Asker at 20/09/2016 - 10:36
Hi David
Interesting thread I was thinking along the lines of bankruptcy for a tenant who’s in arrears but the fees associated are very high and there’s really no assets.
With MCOL can one use this route without informing the tenant then I assume the tenant will have to attend county court to defend themselves, if they don’t attend will judgement normally go against them?
I have tenant who owes nearly £3000 and I understand he receives housing benefit which he is now not passing on to me.
I’ve tried contacting the council without luck to report this and ask for direct payment.
It seems the councils are fully aware that tenants who qualify for housing benefit are not paying landlords and they are not taking any action on the tenants, therefore tenants are getting away with it.
Surely there must be a way to register such tenants on a benefit database and stop them from abusing government funds?
Thanks... Read More

BTL Landlord

20:03 PM, 23rd April 2020, About 2 years ago

Supported living in HMO advice please?

Reply to the comment left by Neil Patterson at 23/04/2020 - 14:35
Hi Eli
I have been researching into renting hmos to care companies but to be honest I am at very early stages.
My understanding having spoken to few people is they do not want to Buy their own property and tie up capital.
They are fully set up and qualified to provide the services which is apparently quite difficult due to red tape hence then have contracts with the council’s.
They apparently pay very good guaranteed rent as they receive a high sum per person who are eligible under assisted living , rent is higher than you would receive on the private rental market, no voids, they pay all the bills which you would normally be paying if renting hmo privately and they maintain the property as well.
They take a contract under their company name.
I personally would look into their accounts to see how healthy they are , how long they have been established and trading.
If they are a smaller company you could request a personal guarantee from one of the directors.
Which area is your property located?
Thanks... Read More