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9:28 AM, 13th October 2016, About 5 years ago

Judge To Look Into Why Tenants Are Not Prosecuted For Criminal Damage & Theft

I have had many cases where there has been extensive damage and thefts. One particular was when a couple of tenants in arrears decided to abandon the property taking the cooker with them. They also retained the keys to the property and refused to return them. I reported to the matter to the police as theft. The initial police officer I spoke with must have been a junior in experienced officer. He contacted the tenants and told them to return the cooker or they would be charged with theft. However the following the day the officer called me to say he had spoke with his colleague he was advised by his colleague to inform that the contract i.e the tenancy I had with tenant was a civil contract so therefor the it was a civil matter. He then had to contact the tenants to retract what he had said earlier regarding returning the cooker. I subsequently had to get a lawyer to pursue them for the cooker and arrears. I eventually got the cooker but not the arrears. The cooker was in a terrible state and I had to just bin it.

In another case I had a fire place removed from the wall and thrown into a pile of rubbish in the garden. Police didn't want to know, nothing they can do they said. I had to remove a section of the floor in the corner of the sitting room as the tenant decided to use that corner as a toilet urinating. The carpet and underlay had to be replaced.

I tried to recover re-decoration costs from a woman that allowed her children to draw on every wall in the flat with crayons. The judge ruled in her favour and let her off.

I had another case where a woman ruined all the carpets in my house ran up arrears and abandoned the property, again the judge ruled in her favour and ordered me to pay her £700 deposit back!

I have very little faith in our courts now... Read More

Property Care

19:22 PM, 11th July 2016, About 5 years ago

Caught out by tenant paying council tax at another property?

Hi James

I've had this issues with councils trying to charge me council tax which a tenant is liable for and I've never had to pay it. I told the council that the tenant was renting the property for the period it was due and provided proof of this i.e copies of tenancy agreement etc. They would then put it to me that the tenant had moved into another home, however I would then point out to the council that it is not against the law to rent more than one property. Until such time we regain legal access to the property through the courts I've pointed out to the council that tenant remains liable for the council tax on the property that they (the tenant) have contractually entered into via a rental agreement.
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Property Care

9:23 AM, 20th February 2016, About 6 years ago

Smoke & heat detectors legislation for landlords in Scotland

I've read PRHP Scotland's requirements on smoke detectors. Some people have their own idea of how many smoke detectors are required. PRHP Scotland's requirements clearly states it is a guidance only. We normally install one smoke in each hallway on both floors and one heat detector in the Kitchen. We've been providing this service for our self as well as other landlords in Scotland for some time now we normally charge about £350 for the installing x2 smoke & x1 Heat. However please remember you will also require EICR (Electric Installation Condition Report) once every 5 years. We can provide these for a standards 2 bed property for £150 and £25 for a CO2 Carbon monoxide detectors also a requirement
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