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9:19 AM, 23rd September 2017, About 4 years ago

Landlord hits back at Council after Guardian article

And there are suggestions that tenants should be allowed to sublet legally? I think that it could easily lead to this situation. It's probably happening more than we know already. Tenants can get as greedy as us dreadful landlords!... Read More


15:22 PM, 28th February 2017, About 5 years ago

Tory MP in excoriating attack on Slum Landlords and Council says "It Stinks!"

Slight distortions going on here, though it is difficult to accurately discover the whole story. Jackson mentions 900 properties without Gas safety certificates. Apparently these were carried out during the month before selective licensing was introduced (see related article on Peterborough licensing).

Maybe that's how many were due that month, but in any case it doesn't mean that the taxpayers are funding them - quite the contrary, they were carried out before the scheme was introduced.

The scheme mentioned seems to be that the Council leases and therefore takes charge of sub-standard properties and deducts 20% of the income over 5 years to cover repairs and maintenance charges, to bring them up to standard, which some landlords say they can't afford due to the legislation. I don't quite understand why they need a 1.2 million grant as this should just about be be self-funding, except in the first instance when the work needs to be done. I also don't understand why any landlord doesn't keep his/her properties in a state of good repair, though I sympathise that some of the work required for licensing is a nonsense and a waste of money. (Remember wash basins in every bedroom, then not; mandatory fire escapes, then forbidden fire escapes - our latest is to remove any fire fighting equipment, which was installed at some expense, except for a blanket).

Rogue landlords don't really exist - there are criminals who rent out sub-standard properties and ignore any legislation and there are Councils who do nothing about them but target the good landlords - the vast majority in my experience. I just wish we got a better press.... Read More


8:23 AM, 9th June 2016, About 6 years ago

Repairs required before ending tenancy agreement?

I don't quite understand what electrical check he is asking for. The landlord is normally responsible for the check to be done, as he will retain the certificate (every five years I think it is) so have you been there that long? If you have it done presumably you can keep the certificate!

The cleaning, painting and any actual repairs for damage are your responsibility which you can do in your own time before you leave - you don't need "authorisation" for that from anyone.

I am always amazed if a tenant paints before leaving - they rarely do, but most of the time I wish they wouldn't, as I like a professional finish.... Read More


15:33 PM, 19th April 2016, About 6 years ago

Airbnb phenomenon is a growing issue for landlords

Recently there was talk of not allowing landlords to ban subletting in AST contracts. This seems to have died down, but it shows the complete lack of understanding by the government on the issues surrounding housing law, which you have all mentioned. (In Wales an HMO is 3 or more people, so a 2 bed flat can quickly become illegal, well, unlicensed, if a tenant sublets the second room to a couple for example).

The worst aspect of Airbnb is that the government are encouraging this by specifying a tax free allowance of £1000. Presumably this will come out of the wear and tear allowance we have lost and the increase in stamp duty and loss of mortgage interest tax relief. Do they want a private sector? I don't think so. They want everyone to share their homes, whether they own them or not. Do these people have to register as landlords for RentsmartWales I wonder? (rhetorical, I know I know).... Read More


11:49 AM, 19th January 2016, About 6 years ago

Off plan purchase delays - Advice on stamp duty/mortgage

Not my area of expertise, but I thought that the exchange date was the one to use for Tax purposes not the completion date? Maybe it doesn't apply to stamp duty, but I know it does for tax.... Read More