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6:13 AM, 24th December 2019
About A year ago

Ex-Council Leasehold top floor flat condensation issues?

I agree. Pay for a professional survey to be done to assess the roof. It sounds a very excessive amount of water to be coming just from condensation on the roof tiles. To aid condensation, the roof should be well ventilated at the eaves, ensuring rockwool isn't blocking this ventilation path. Alternatively ventilated roof tiles should be installed. Is there a white membrane between the slate/tile and the roof void?

Insulate the underside of the bathroom ceiling with 50mm of kingspan and re-board it with foil backed plasterboard. Upgrade the existing fan and vacuum and clean out the duct pipe. I've just replaced all of my extractor fans, including the one in my own bathroom and it has completely irradiated condensation including on the tiles, they're bone dry after a hot bath or shower! This is the fan to buy, it has a higher extraction rate than others on the market of the same size and the humidistat override is what is preventing the build up of condensation. I seriously cannot recommend these fans more highly, the difference compared to the 10 year old manrose fan is STARK! Good luck with it! Read More