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15:38 PM, 4th May 2020, About 2 years ago

How do I cut the agent out of the DPS deposit return loop?

Hello David.
I just tried using the website as Neil suggested - I didn't find it helpful I'm afraid as it only checked the DPS register.
Apparently there is not a single register for all 3 organisations, who provide DEPOSIT PROTECTION eg Deposit Protection Service, My Deposits and Tenancy Deposit Scheme,( these names are from the website to register the deposit with. This would mean that a worried tenant or guarantor could go to the register to check that a deposit has been correctly protected. To expect that a tenant or guarantor already very worried and probably not thinking straight, should know the names of the 3 bodies in the first place is a big ask and then apply to each one in turn is wholly unreasonable. This seems to me a gross omission in the original enabling 2006/7 legislation and should be challenged and changed ASAP. PLEASE NOTE 118 and NRLA.
I've used My Deposits since the outset in 2007.... Read More


9:56 AM, 12th January 2019, About 3 years ago

Business as normal at TDS after major fire at head office

Well done for the huge efforts of staff to be up and running So quickly after the 🔥. It says a huge amount about the organisations expertise and motivation plus the dedication and it’s people. BRILLIANT.... Read More