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16:09 PM, 2nd May 2021
About 2 weeks ago

My battle with Rosinca formerly Mortgage Express?

I have a B2L mortgage with Rosinca and haven't had any issues with them at all. I've had the house since 2007 (originally Mortgage Express). I have around 18 months left on the term and they've been very helpful throughout.... Read More


10:33 AM, 2nd October 2018
About 3 years ago

Landlords Help Please - Court summons in 14 days

Reply to the comment left by at 02/10/2018 - 10:31
I agree. I am contemplating not taking deposits in the future. A UK Guarantor is much better!... Read More


10:28 AM, 2nd October 2018
About 3 years ago

Landlords Help Please - Court summons in 14 days

Hi Lou,

So sorry to hear about your predicament. I totally understand what you're going through. How is your husband? I do hope he's ok. The most important thing here is that he's not stressed over this and is in healthy recovery.

Yes, we all make mistakes occasionally and life certainly isn't 'fair'. I too have been in a similar situation whereby I thought my ex-husband had protected the deposit and he thought I had done it! Neither of us had! After renting out properties for 14 years, it was the first DPC that I had missed... and guess what? That particular tenant made me pay for it, even though he was in 3 months rent arrears and was threatening me with court action.

I decided to give him the amount he was due and asked him to leave. It basically meant I was three months rent out of pocket and learned a BIG lesson!

Plus my professional career is in lettings! So I had NO excuse at all.

With regards to getting new tenants, I would always suggest having a UK based, home-owning Guarantor.

Hope this 'sort of' helps
Julie... Read More