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16:25 PM, 17th July 2018
About 2 years ago

Is IPPR’s report “On borrowed time” pure fantasy or a cynical publicity stunt?

I agree with other correspondents that her suggested house price freeze is nonsense, but she has a point about house prices being inflated by foreign buyers (Chinese, Russian etc) who use UK property as a piggy bank to store 'dirty money' out of sight of their own governments. There is a lot of high end property in London bought as 'buy to leave' investments by these investors, which has been conveniently ignored by successive British governments as 'too hot to handle' because many of these foreign investors are very influential in their own countries. The answer is to enforce a test of residency before foreigners are permitted to buy UK property, like other countries do. Also, to ban the ownership of property being hidden in offshore companies. As for the impact on the exchange rate, the UK has long suffered from an economic phenomen called 'Dutch Disease' whereby one excessively dominant and successful industry (in the UK it is Financial Services in the City of London) moves the exchange rate to the point where other industries struggle to survive (such as manufacturing in the north). Again, the UK government has been aware of this for years and done nothing. So I think that this lady needs to focus her ire on the true culprits before trying to punish hapless home owners in Burnley or Sunderland where prices are still lower than in 2007. PS: influential US Economist Paul Krugman has highlighted that the UK suffers from Dutch Disease' and there is a long article in Wikipaedia if anyone is interested (although, the UK treasury should read it first!).... Read More


10:02 AM, 2nd July 2018
About 2 years ago

Government look to throw landlords under the bus with 3 year tenancies

This confirms my view that Buy-to-Let is becoming too one sided in the tenants favour and therefore is too risky for small landlords. We are slowly moving back to the pre-1995 situation where it was virtually impossible to evict tenants for whatever reason, and therefore the private rented sector nearly ceased to exist. When combined with the drip drip of petty regulation (GDPR, Legionella, Right to Rent, constant issuing of Rent Guides etc), BTL is just too big a risk. All I can say to politicians, Shelter, Generation Rent et al is "be careful what you wish for" because the unintended consequence of your policies will be a dramatic contraction of the private rented sector. If there is a hint that S21 will be abolished we will be pulling out of the market and selling up.... Read More


17:28 PM, 30th April 2018
About 2 years ago

May’s new housing adviser is ex-policy geek at Shelter!

Landlords are the 'Kulaks' of 21st century Britain - there to be despised, scapegoated and eliminated, just as the Kulak's were in Stalin's Russia. However, we landlords are not alone. The left also despise Uber, Airbnb, Deliveroo and all the small entrepreneurs who use these platforms to make a living and improve the general well-being of mankind. The Corbynista left will not rest until our enterprise is eliminated so that everyone is dependent upon an all powerful state. Very depressing.... Read More