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7:37 AM, 12th October 2019
About 3 months ago

Bristol City Council - The lights are on but no one's home!

Hi there. It’s a long list but other than Point 10, surely everything else is what you should be doing anyway if you e got a licensible HMO? I certainly had to have all of these things in place (but fair enough because that’s the law) plus more, which I then had to do before my licence was granted. To be fair I think the list of things is the norm for HMO landlords apart from 10 which I think is overkill. Sorry just my opinion but most things are either having to be in their contracts anyway like any other rental, or part of the general HMO or Health and Safety regulations.... Read More


9:52 AM, 4th February 2019
About 12 months ago

£200k released from HMO sale?

Reply to the comment left by Neil Patterson at 04/02/2019 - 08:29
Hi Neil. I’m not sure what you mean?... Read More


9:20 AM, 23rd January 2019
About A year ago

Bod's decision on whether or not to incorporate his rental property business

Thank you for this mark. I rely on the income I get from my properties to live on and pay my tax bill. Therefore I assume that incorporation wouldn’t work for me as I can only get out up to £2k in dividends otherwise I’d be taxed even more than I am at the moment if I took out the profit to live on. Is that right?... Read More


22:18 PM, 27th December 2018
About A year ago

Tax Return ye2018 checking Finance costs?

Reply to the comment left by AA at 26/12/2018 - 09:33
AA I’m furious then. My husband died 2 years ago and the old accountant has been sorting back tax out under the Let property campaign and didn’t tell me this. What will I be fined?... Read More


5:57 AM, 26th December 2018
About A year ago

Tax Return ye2018 checking Finance costs?

Sorry to digress but I, like the OP assumed that my tax for 2017/18 should be paid by 31/1/19.

However my new accountant has told me that I should have “paid on account” January and June 2018 already.

Does this mean I haven’t paid my taxes and thus liable to a fine?

Does this also mean that I’m due to pay a 18/19 payment 31/1/19 as well as the above?

I’m finding this really confusing. I thought that you just paid the previous taxes at the end of the following year??... Read More