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Derek t

7:58 AM, 27th April 2019
About 9 months ago

Chimney exhaust ownership

£800 to repair a chimney means very little without knowing the size of the chimney height width and depth also the type of construction is it brick or rendered is it a simple small area or a elaborate design
How high is the roof is it a two, three or a four story house will it need scaffolding to access or a cherry picker this can add a significant amount to any repair
As you can appreciate there is a lot of info to consider when pricing a job
If the neighbours are not willing to split cost if it’s proven they do in fact have ownership of part of the chimney I would be inclined to repair my side of the chimney and issue a disclaimer to the neighbour via a solicitor stating that they are liable for any future issues due to poor maintenance of the property on their part. always get more than one quote from preferably from someone recommended... Read More

Derek t

8:03 AM, 6th April 2019
About 10 months ago

Eviction order and one way ticket to Greece?

Reply to the comment left by Steve Perry at 05/04/2019 - 18:05
Where are you getting £900 for bailiff ?court Bailiff costs £121 from county court and they normally take around three weeks to attend to the property from my experience unless you have been advised differently . Don’t risk taking the property without bailiff visiting get that paper work back to the court first thing Monday morning and wait. As we all know the law is on the tenants side it’s the only way to go in my opinion.... Read More

Derek t

8:53 AM, 22nd November 2018
About A year ago

Use of Section 21 evictions in the PRS - Debate

With the current situation regarding evictions taking so long anyway we decided to sell 20 properties a few months ago via auction luckily we sold with a completion of 17( one block ) of them on Tuesday next week I can honestly say it is the best decision we have made as the amount of evictions with lower income / housing benefit tenants seems to have risen dramatically since the introduction of universal credit and can only see the situation getting worse as the government seem to be happy to kick the prs landlord at every given opportunity. Good luck with your property going forward must dash now meeting the bailiffs for a section 21 eviction 😂... Read More

Derek t

9:55 AM, 20th November 2018
About A year ago

Fire door demand but not for everyone?

you need to read your lease and see if the leasehold is responsible for the door
If not it becomes a freeholder issue where all the flats must pay a share
Unfortunately now the fire risk assessment has found an issue you will have to deal with it as if in the event of a fire your insurance company will have a get out of jail free card... Read More

Derek t

9:19 AM, 25th October 2018
About A year ago

Refusal to award fixed costs and contractual costs

Reply to the comment left by AJ at 25/10/2018 - 07:34
Surely this must be challenged if the contract states that it can be claimed this makes the whole contract at risk
Another nail in the letting market coffin from the landlords point of view... Read More