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14:07 PM, 26th February 2018, About 4 years ago

Landlords Union Slams BBC Panorama Report

I am the landlord in the "Beautician" Julie case. She always paid her rent, but bombarded us with a string of trivial complaints which usually meant she had a tradesman there every month. I took the opinion that new cookers, laminate flooring, and showers were improvements that were tax deductible, so I authorised the agents to do all the work. The string of complaints became more and more trivial, on one occasion she claimed to have been broken into and wanted a new front door lock - I personally went to look at the damage, she was out, but there had been no break in at all and no damage to any external door. The agent told me she had also complained about a neighbour exposing himself to her!

Her latest string of complaints were a cracked paving slab, the door bell stopped working (battery!), and "the tiles in the kitchen don't match"!!!

This was the last straw for me, and I asked the agent what we could do to get rid of her, I was told that despite a string of reminders, she had failed to sign a new 6 month tenancy agreement, so I took this opportunity to get the house back and sell it.

When she got the letter, we believe she deliberately flooded the bathroom until water came through the kitchen ceiling, she called the local Council and claimed this had been going on for 3 months, something she had never mentioned to us, BUT some 6 weeks previously we had installed a complete new shower cubicle even though there was no evidence of a leak at that time.

We didn't evict her, we didn't make her homeless, she refused to sign a new agreement. There was no story but she played a good "victim" on the film, but the facts were ignored by the BBC.
The outcome is that I am now selling my 2 houses and leaving the domestic property market altogether.... Read More