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Landlords Union Slams BBC Panorama Report

Isn't a no fault eviction (and no space on the form to outline reason for eviction) actually a help for the tenant? Viz, (i) there is some duty on the local authorities to house the homeless; (ii) local authorities can (and do) escape any 'duty' in this regard by claiming non-payment of rent is 'intentional homelessness' (iii) local authorities only accept the homelessness as a fact when an eviction has occurred (not just threat of eviction, hence Shelter's advice). So with local authorities acting on the 'less eligibility' principle, as occurred during the times of the workhouse, an actual and no fault eviction helps the tenant speedily access whatever homelessness provision is available. Surely the question Panorama should have been asking is whether local authority hostel/b&b/soiled mattress situation is a lower standard of provision for homelessness than that available in Victorian Britain and challenging those responsible for that provision.... Read More

Landlords selling rental properties fuels £5.5bn CGT bonanza

This glut of properties on the market caused by this is also pushing house prices further down in areas where they have never recovered from 2007 and where negative equity is the only reason for renting out properties for many. Isn't it time that the stagnant property market in many areas of the country be seen as an employment crisis, rather than a housing one - as insecure and short term employment prevents those who want to buy from accessing mortgages.... Read More

Landlords Union Slams BBC Panorama Report

If putting complaints to BBC, can I suggest that landlords post one against the BBC programme 'Under the Hammer'. Almost single-handedly its presentations suggest making money out of letting is easy. Two gripes of mine are (i) when the word 'renovation' is used for a cheap lick of paint and nothing else, followed by easy profit and (ii) when large gross profits are given with a general 'minus usual costs' - not making clear, for e.g. that some councils allow only 28 council tax free days on empty properties and also charge 150% council tax for empty over six months. This programme can take a major credit for stirring up anti-landlord feeling.... Read More

Can I rent property pending Prohibition Notice appeal?

Reply to the comment left by Luke P at 14/02/2018 - 14:51I am surprised that the guidance on so many issues is not given through these columns - threaten to report local authorities to the Local Government Ombudsman, citing maladministration. It really makes them jump! For your part, you have to follow all formal procedures for complaints against a council first - this can be done fairly quickly, often using an online complaints form for the first step. The Local Government Ombudsman will not even look at a complaint unless it has already gone through every step of a Council's complaints procedure first. In this first step, use the words, 'Following guidance on the Local Government Ombudsman website, I am contacting you to complain ...... Read More

NO Taxation WITHOUT Representation!

Reply to the comment left by Rob Draper at 08/01/2018 - 20:08Our local voting system is archaic. So many central government initiatives stem from the national government being of a different political colour to the local one. But MPs are self-interested, often lazy and certainly not altruistic enough to put the work in to take even the first steps to extending democracy in this way. The first step for landlords is to lobby their MPs, asking them to put forward proposals to the Minister for Housing and Local Government. Obviously, the most vulnerable MPs electorally may be willing to take this on to get the 'Landlord vote'.... Read More