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David Dorset

9:40 AM, 17th August 2018
About a month ago

It's a personal Brexit for this landlord!

Very interesting article and i can be in the same situation albeit on a smaller scale.
I have 12 rentals, and wouldn't object in a few years time to living overseas.
I agree 118 is my daily read and i have put several friends onto it.
Jointly there is a massive amount of knowledge with the members of this site and i am interested in the software as well.... Read More

David Dorset

9:34 AM, 17th August 2018
About a month ago

Respond now or get 3 year tenancies!

Excellent questions posed above!
Remember every action has a reaction. This along with all the other crap that the government have come up with on the rented sector is soon going to drop on them like a tonne of horse poo. It will be rented chaos. Homelessness will go up and you will have people in decent work who cannot afford to rented a small flat. When it does the only people that can help resolve it will be landlords and the government will need to backtrack and create a fair playing field before they get any co operation from me!... Read More

David Dorset

14:29 PM, 14th August 2018
About a month ago

BoJo's proposed Stamp Duty reforms

Rightly or wrongly i am waiting for the crisis to deepen so it will become much more in the public domain. At the moment it barely makes news.
I am not highly educated nor do I spend hours studying the PRS issue each day so my view may be simplistic or wrong. However my view is that society is producing the same amount if not more people who then leave school and go into their 20's needing somewhere to live. Sharing and rent a room has taken up some of the slack, and maybe Brexit will create a bit of a temporary pressure release but overall we are still producing the same quantity of people who need to be housed.
My understanding is that, due to the recent policies that the government have introduced, becoming a new landlord is no longer a viable proposition. In fact I understand that many existing 'casual' landlords (those in full time work and also running one or two properties) and some older long established landlords are selling up and leaving the sector. So with a massive reduction of new landlords coming into the sector and a reasonable percentage of existing landlords leaving the stock of available rented property will drastically decline each year. The government believes that all young people want their own home but i think that we have a culture in this country where buying is so expensive and restricted that many younger people choose not to buy and want to rent. This gives them flexibility and of course they can often rent a better property than they could otherwise afford to buy.
My view is that rent will rise significantly over the next few years and that the government will have no choice but to do a U turn on their ridiculous policies. However by then the damage will be done and will take years to correct.
So with the increased stamp duty, restriction on mortgage interest relief, Interest rate rises and general over legislation the tipping point must arrive in about a years time. Landlords are often painted as demons and a scar on society. But what will happen when they start to become extinct?... Read More

David Dorset

15:23 PM, 27th July 2018
About 2 months ago

Proud to be a Landlord

Good article and maybe an aspect they we all miss from time to time. We of course discuss and focus on the problems but then the rest of the time it is all running well and we should be grateful for that.
I have a policy of meeting all of my new tenants before they move in. They are then given my mobile and email and asked to report any issues or defects Monday - Friday during office hours (except for emergencies). This means i can enjoy my free time in the evenings and weekends. It also means i need to quickly deal with any maintenance or admin issues that come through during the week.
It is amazing the amount of tenants who say they have never met their previous landlords. I think relationship building, whether in business or as a landlord, is very important. Build the trust and respect and the rest will look after itself.
Suffice to say the best deals are when everybody involved feels they are being treated fairly and decently.... Read More

David Dorset

12:53 PM, 5th July 2018
About 3 months ago

Repair or improvement?

Reply to the comment left by Paul McCarthy at 05/07/2018 - 07:31Hi, I am not expert on this subject but have personally come across the same situation. The leaseholder of a flat where I also have a flat said that his basement (which he used as a bedroom) was damp and need damp proofing works. The situation went back and forth with the management company until solicitors became involved. The result was a conclusion that whilst the management company/landlord are responsible for repairs to the property if no damp proofing exists then you cannot repair what is not there in the first place. Therefore it became the lease holders problem. If however there was originally a damp proof course that has failed then that is a different matter.... Read More