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Colin Massey

10:32 AM, 17th February 2021, About A year ago

Surely I am not the only landlord worried about new EPC requirements?

I have had a similar experience to Margarita. The EPC guy said that if we changed all of the electric storage heaters (only a few months old) to a new type which is eco-friendly he could then raise it by one. Why are night storage heaters running on economy 7 penalised when they are viewed as eco friendly anyway?

Another question is how the government could carry out a consultation period about this EPC issue when many landlords knew nothing about it?

All advice going forward will be appreciated. How we could insulate single skin brickwork is a mystery to me. External cladding is a non runner and internal will reduce room sizes below minimum required.... Read More

Colin Massey

10:33 AM, 15th April 2020, About 2 years ago

Hit with a 9 month Rent Repayment Order from my Tenants?

In a different scenario I know that people threatening someone like this was viewed as 'demanding money with menaces' which is tantamount to blackmail. The council know your position as you have given full disclosure. You may wish to tell the tenants that if they persist with this behaviour you will report their threats to the police. In any case you would be well advised to seek specialist legal advice from a reputable and experienced solicitor. A letter from such a qualified person may help sort things.... Read More

Colin Massey

21:36 PM, 24th August 2019, About 3 years ago

Disrepair Claims Farmers should concern us all

Can anyone recommend a good insurance company to protect private landlords against spurious 'disrepair' claims?... Read More

Colin Massey

10:51 AM, 25th September 2018, About 4 years ago

New Landlord Association seeking pledges

I am definitely in, The other two bodies are largely useless, in my opinion.... Read More

Colin Massey

11:29 AM, 21st September 2018, About 4 years ago

Vision for an independent organisation to represent UK landlords

Something along the following lines was stated in a famous Kevin Costner Film ' Buy the field and they will come'. Similarly here, in the absence of any effective landlord body, and in view of the excellent reputation earned to date by Mark & co, if an invitation went out for 1000 plus registered landlord contacts to become 'founder members' of such a group for £50 or £100 I am sure many would join. I would jump at it for one. Once the movement gained groundswell and publicity, the rest would come. For sure. A sort of a crowd funding movement with benefits?... Read More