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9:42 AM, 20th October 2019, About 2 years ago

Deposits and Disputes training for Glasgow landlords

Why take a deposit in the first place . ???? It's hassle and should not be required for any tenancy .... Read More


17:27 PM, 6th March 2019, About 3 years ago

Home Office to appeal High Court Right to Rent ruling

B4Lamb right to rent checks are 100% wrong . it is the job of government to enforce the rules . Asking landlords to vet tenants in this way is utter tosh in the name of civil duty . become a special constable and do you civil bit . If customs/ border force cant do The job properly at Ports its down to government incompetence. Local authorities are not adequately funded to enforce landlord regulations. Landlords are just not qualified and no support whatsoever to police right to rent checks. . Landlords are not a vote winner and never will be so they get a hammering from all parties .... Read More


13:03 PM, 22nd October 2018, About 3 years ago

Surprise! new tenant

1 Get original tenant to terminate tenancy ASAP in writing
2 refund deposit ASAP to the original tenant.
3 Give new tenant (sister) a new agreement ASAP
4 Both relatives should have told the landlord but probably frighten of the landlord refusing ..but went ahead and done it anyway
Landlord be more approachable and I don't accept the control part of this issue . Landlords need to move with the new rules or get out the door .

It sounds like the original tenant has found you a new tenant (Sister) . Sounds like a win win to me all round .

Kind regards

John Gordon... Read More