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Andrew broughton

13:31 PM, 28th August 2020
About 8 months ago

Tenant eviction ban is bad news for All

I wonder if it would work if tenants took out an insurance policy to pay the rent if they if they stopped paying and to cover any damage.

This could be adjusted if they paid on time etc similar to s no claims bonus and this information could be shared with other landlords making those with better scores more in demand and this could result in a lower rent.

The system could allow for people that are struggling and need extra help and this could be highlighted and support provided.

At the moment I feel all the cost and risponsabilty is on the landlord with the tenant having very little to no conciqence if they don't follow the tenancy agreement.... Read More

Andrew broughton

17:40 PM, 3rd September 2019
About 2 years ago

Labour plans would cause a Mass sell-off

One if the most stupid ill thought out ideas I have ever heard.

And one that will garentee a significant reduction in properties to rent.

It's shear madness.... Read More