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10:48 AM, 25th August 2021, About 9 months ago

Chronic failure to tackle criminal landlords puts tenants at risk

I note that NRLA say that more funding is required to help Local Authorities clamp down on these rogue landlords. I wonder how many of these rogue landlords are housing associations? I also feel that NRLA are rather obtuse if they believe that the Government will fund such a clamp down. Its more likely that the HMO and Selective License fees will just go up.... Read More


12:27 PM, 4th June 2021, About 12 months ago

New insurance based approach for 'pets in lets' as default

If "three-quarters of landlords are now in favour of damage insurance for pets" why do they need to force Landlords to take pets. Why not just allow Landlords that are happy to take pets charge for the insurance?

I still wouldn't allow pets into my flats. I seem to recall that Boris Johnson and his new wife had a dog in 10 Downing Street that was fouling the place. I feel that these could be defined as responsible people and that the dog as well behaved but look what happened. I also heard that they were keen to keep the dogs behavior out of the papers, I wonder why?... Read More


11:36 AM, 2nd March 2021, About A year ago

Update on Pilar - Squatting and private property rights undermined in Spain

Hi, already done. I'm also sending a copy to my MP with a cover note pointing out that, whats happening in Spain is not on. I'm also pointing that we as a nation are reliant on inward investment and in reality we're no better than Spain.... Read More


12:05 PM, 22nd February 2021, About A year ago

Getting to the nitty-gritty of tackling Britain's rent arrears crisis?

I seem to recall that when Section 24 was first announced any Landlords many private Landlords suggested that this would force up their costs which would mean that they had no alternatives but to pass these increased on to their tenants. When Councils started to charge private Landlords a license fee, some of the conditions to get this such as PAT testing also further increased landlords cost base, the same point was made.

Unfortunately, its all to easy to ignore comments like these and then just blame Landlords for putting up their prices.... Read More


18:56 PM, 20th February 2021, About A year ago

Cat and dog allergy issues?

Reply to the comment left by Tessa Shepperson at 20/02/2021 - 16:56
Thanks Tessa... Read More