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11:11 AM, 2nd January 2019
About 4 months ago

Guardian accuses Landlords of 'ripping off' Councils

My local council charges £1000 for a 5 year licence for each flat I own on the basis that the area suffers from anti-social behaviour. Yet they couldn’t identify any case of anti-social behaviour in the block in which we own. Since paying the money over they have done nothing to justify the monies. Who is ripping who off?... Read More


9:46 AM, 20th November 2018
About 5 months ago

We need to wake up and smell the coffee!

In September we spent over £5000 in B&Q on supplies to referb a flat. I've asked our maintenance guy to send copies of the receipts to me to attach to my letter demanding that B&Q stop supporting those (Shelter) that vilify B&Q customers. Thanks Dr Beck for pointing this out to me, I'll also write to M&S.... Read More


11:48 AM, 31st October 2018
About 6 months ago

Final call for members

Hi Larry,
I have 4 very desirable, beautifully furnished and well maintained 1 bedroom flats in the City of London. The council is Tower Hamlets, who introduced a selective licencing scheme for which we have to pay £1000 for each flat for a 5 year licence. All the flat have just one respectable occupant in each of them, 2 of whom are city solicitors, 1 is mergers and acquisitions expert for a major international bank and the 4th a HR Director for a very well-known software company. These flats are located in 2 blocks each with a 24/7 Concierge.
When I applied for the certification I asked the council how many incidents of anti-social behaviour had been reported in these 2 blocks and was told none. I’ve recently asked the same question again and was given the same answer. This is very surprising as I was told that it was because the area suffered from anti-social behaviour that the licencing was introduced. I also noted that council stipulated minimum standards for licenced rental properties. These were so basic it was a joke. Our standards are far higher than the minimum requirement. I would be extremely surprised if any of the other flats available for rent in either of the 2 blocks we own in were any different to our own in terms of the standard offered.
I concluded that this was just a way for the council to extract money form Landlords. I also get the feeling that when the licences come up for renewal we’ll be given the same explanation as to why the Council are looking to implement yet another pointless 5 year licence scheme, no doubt at a higher price this time.
Larry just let me know when you want the £100. This and all the other ridiculous new taxes and regulations introduced must stop before we’re all forced out of the business and are forced to claim benefits from the government to survive.... Read More


10:30 AM, 25th September 2018
About 7 months ago

New Landlord Association seeking pledges

I'm in.
Can I also suggest that you organise members to contact their MP's on a regular basis to lobby for the cause. I have met with my MP to discuss a number of issues relating to the rental business. I've not been able to change things as yet but I was alarmed to hear from my MP that I was the only Landlord that had asked to see her. She openly told me that nothing would change unless we as Landlords could speak on mass to MPs. I've spoken to both NLA and RLA to ask for assistance with lobbying and was very disappointed with the support they provided.... Read More


9:56 AM, 24th November 2017
About A year ago

The RLA Campaigns Team is pleased to report the Government listened to us on UC

As a Landlord and a member of the RLA I am delighted to hear that they have managed to achieve something as a result of the hard work they have put into their lobbying activities.

Having on several occasions written to my former MP to point out my concerns regarding numerous pieces of government legislation and the unwanted affects that they have on the PRS, only to be told by email that “it was fairer this way”. I was not even offered the opportunity to discuss my concerns in person. When this MP stood down at the recent general election I managed to get a personal meeting with my new MP.

Whilst this meeting has not managed to change government policy it lead to my MP hearing the landlords case. As a direct result she wrote to Mel Stride outlining my concerns and extending my offer to him to accompany me on a visit to my properties to see the standard that we offer and observe the quality of relationship that we enjoy, through hard work, with our tenants.

My MP also offered me some advice on how to get government policy changed. Basically all we as landlords need to do is to write to our MPs outlining our case and then ask for a personal meeting with our MP and ask them what they can do to help.

I asked how many Landlords had done this in the constituency that I live in and was horrified to hear that I was the only one. As my MP put it “without share of voice you’ll struggle to get any changes”.

I urge Landlords, the RLA and other landlord organisations to encourage and support their members to, contact their MPs to lobby for a fair system which recognises and supports the valuable contribution that we as Landlords provide.

If as a landlord you have never lobbied your MP before look to your professional body for support. The RLA offered to send someone along to accompany in the meeting. I actually declined this offer, but did visit them to collect up to date data that I could present to support the landlords case.... Read More