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Robert Hayes

18:47 PM, 17th November 2014, About 7 years ago

FOS rule West Brom Tracker Rate Hike is fair

This has been my first and only ever dealing with the FOS

Before this episode I had imagined them to be some kind of beacon of comsumer protection - helping the little guy out when the big corperations started acting unfairly

After actually having to deal with the FOS I now firmly know that the little guy is certainly NOT who they're acting for

Funded by the financial industry and, it would appear, woking very much to look after the interests of those same people - even to the point of making undefendable decisions like this one

What a grubby organisation they seem to be

I now wonder about the independence of all the other ombudsman services... Read More

Robert Hayes

12:44 PM, 16th June 2014, About 7 years ago

Question re tenants running a business from a rented home

Hello all

I'm currently considering a tenant who is a mobile hairdresser

They are potentially taking on a house which is bigger than they need and my obvious suspicion is that they will run a business from home

The potential tenant says they will not, and the AST will say they are not allowed to run a business

I've discussed with the letting agent that I would seek the agents assurance that a business is not being run from the property as part of their reports from routine property inspections

However is a business does end up being run from the property and something happens (say a fire) then ...

The insurance people would very likely not want to pay as the use would not be covered

The mortgage lender might become involved

I might have up having to try and get significant damages from the tenant (possibly in court) and probably with little chance of recovering a significant sum

I might even have to take the letting agent to court as they would have assured me no business was being carried out

I may well be worrying unduly (but I am a landlord!) but does anyone have any experience / knowledge of how such a situation may play out

Many thanks... Read More

Robert Hayes

13:01 PM, 10th June 2014, About 7 years ago

Twisted Firestarter - Tenant Hoarding Newspapers

Fire service hat (well, helmet) on rather than my landlord's one for a moment

You could do worse than let your local fire authority know

Hoarding is far more common than you'd imagine and fire authorities are trained and have been dealing with the issue (very sensitively, may I add) for a while now, often in conjunction with other agencies

If an abnormal fire load in a property starts to affect other's safety (ie in flats / terraced housing) then clearly some form of action needs to be taken

Also your local fire crew will thank you for the 'heads up' should they ever attend the property in an emergency... Read More

Robert Hayes

15:26 PM, 3rd March 2014, About 7 years ago

Property118 Members vs West Bromwich Mortgage Company

My instruction form and cheque has just gone in the post (just the one mortgage for me)

I appreciate that £1144 per mortgage will be a significant amount of money for most people, but it represents just over 3 months of increased payments for me and is totally dwarfed by the extra I’ll be forced to pay the West Brom over the term of my mortgage if we don’t take them to court (£46,000 if you’re interested)

The cost covers a clear and robust strategy that takes us all the way to the case’s conclusion, including the likely appeal - I think it represents exceptional value for money (and you might get it back!!!)

If you've already paid up to be a member of the group, this has to be what you wanted to achieve - This payment is actually going to make it happen

If you’re not a paid up member, I genuinely believe you only have a short amount of time to get on board and reap the economies of scale that this group will give you.

It’s been repeated to death that if you’re not in, you can’t benefit from the ruling of the representative action – If you try to bring your own action later, you won’t have the support of the numbers in the initial group, and your costs will be far, far more

As has been said, “it’s a no brainer”... Read More

Robert Hayes

0:34 AM, 19th February 2014, About 7 years ago

West Bromwich Building Society Tracker Margins Legal Action


I think I remember the West Brom saying something along the lines of 'market conditions had improved since they made the initial anouncement and now they were able to make the increase only 1.9%'

Far from being something to be happy about - this only makes me realise how far from a tracker mortgage the product I bought has now become

If in the six weeks from their initial anouncement the market has already changed enough for them to alter their proposed increase, those to say in the next six weeks it wont have worsened meaning they increase their rate up 0.1% or maybe 0.5% or even 1.5%

"the certainty that your mortgage will move in line with the BoE base rate" seems a distant memory now - and I wonder what the arrangement fee I paid to secure a base rate tracker +0.9% was actually for... Read More