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Andrew Miller

16:20 PM, 3rd April 2021
About a month ago

Student rental demand returning?

We have 18 rooms over 3 high quality HMOs in Derby. Delighted to say they are all let for 2021/22 year.

Our marketing has been done well by the agent, including videos.

Good luck to everyone. I'm sure the market will come back. We just bought another property which will give us another 11 rooms for next year.... Read More

Andrew Miller

10:37 AM, 23rd January 2021
About 4 months ago

Deciding the way forward for my exit?

David, it's so important to plan your exit in any commercial enterprise. Despite this it's surprisingly uncommon for people to do so when they start it.

If you are going to enjoy working this through on a transaction by transaction basis then that will most likely leave you with the best financial outcome.

However, if you can fix your financial goals now and reconcile that in your head then you could avoid the stress of "maxing out" every last penny from your portfolio. This can be a much less stressful way to go and provides certainty which you can tie up in a legal agreement and get on with your life.

You would need to build a relationship with an investor who wants what you have and to agree a transparent and scheduled transfer of the assets to satisfy both parties.

Not necessarily the highest end value for you, but what price is certainty and your valuable time back?

Good luck, Andy... Read More