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___ baldelectrician

8:28 AM, 6th October 2018
About 9 months ago

Unable to change Possession Hearing date?

Having been to a Scottish Property Tribunal it seems much mor effective and cheaper.
Now landlords in Scotland can obtain an eviction order for FREE using the Housing and Property Chamber tribunal (this has the same legal standing as an order from a Sheriff)
There is no court and the hearing is heard in a room local to the property (such as a community centre or council office)
The Scottish Government have saved loads (there is now virtually no court time used for evictions or possession orders) and the initial hearing happens within 4-5 weeks.... Read More

___ baldelectrician

8:20 AM, 6th October 2018
About 9 months ago

Health and Safety Checks

I stay in Scotland where mains detectors are the requirement.
I use Aico ones which are good- Aico have introduced a new range (the 3000 range).
The new range is good for landlords as it is a 10 year mains with a 10 year rechargeable battery- the best selling point is that the detector has a free app that lets the landlord or electrician download the history of the detector '
The app tells (amongst other things)
How many times the test button was pressed
Last time the power was cut- and when
If the detector has been removed- and when
For heat alarms- the current, max and min temperatures
The level of dust contamination on the detector
For CO alarms- peak, current levels as well as when this happened
Quite good when a tenant complains of a detector going off and it wasn't the landlords one- now you can prove it.... Read More

___ baldelectrician

10:08 AM, 3rd March 2018
About A year ago

Why is it so hard to find a reliable Plumber?

Reply to the comment left by Paul Shears at 01/03/2018 - 13:00
There is a severe lack of tradespeople.
This shows as the less than average ones seem to do well.

Things work both ways- I am a 'trusted trader' in my local council trusted trader scheme, for which I have been assessed with a visit and background checks and I am also registered with SELECT and NICIEC.
I had a client leave me a bad review on a couple of websites because I refused to work on her dangerous electrical install.
We had agreed a landlord check and smoke detectors but I only did the landlord check (and only charged for the landlord check) as the install was dangerous and unsafe.
The wiring regs mean I cannot carry out new works until certain things are up to standard (but can do an inspection) on an unsafe install.
This worked in my favour as I put her reviews (screenshots and links with her name partially blocked out) on my website as it acts as a positive selling point for my business.
As others have said- the rated person trade sites rely on money from the traders so can be easily manipulated.
One other reason I don't use these as the sites can lead to a Dutch auction type of job where 'traders' bid lower for the job in order to beat other competitors.

Some people don't realise that if a job sounds too cheap to be true then it probably is.

In reply to Dennis (above) I emailed the lady who left a bad review thanking her for the feedback and gave her another 7 links of sites where she could leave me more reviews... Read More

___ baldelectrician

20:09 PM, 5th August 2017
About 2 years ago

Insurance company taking us to court after following their complaints procedure

Do a subject access request on the insurance company before you go any further, specify you want copies of all call recordings- they should still have them
I have an android phone (S8 +) and I have an app on it that records calls and emails them as well as uploading to drop box, I make a point of telling anyone I am dialling (there is a message to incoming calls saying calls are recorded) and this sharpens the mind at the other end.... Read More

___ baldelectrician

9:58 AM, 22nd July 2017
About 2 years ago

Tenants Stealing Electricity - What do we do next?

Reply to the comment left by "Jay James" at "22/07/2017 - 09:49":

Hi Jay

Up here things are different- there are rules in place to force landlords to have electrical checks and CO detectors.

I am also in to politics and had direct input in to the Scottish Legislation.
When it was announced the Scottish Government were going to make landlords have mandatory electrical checks I spoke to the then housing minister (Margaret Burgess) at a tenant and resident conference.
She passed me to her assistant who took my contact details.
A couple of weeks later the civil servant writing the legislation called me and we had a chat.
It went along the lines of me saying "How are you going to ensure any electrician is compotent as you cannot require membership of an organisation under EU law" and I suggested SELECT / NICIEC membership or check list (containing most of the criteria / requirements of SELECT / NICIEC memberships).

6 weeks later he called back and said they went from 13 in the check list to 11 or so and were going to put it in the legislation.

https://www.housingandpropertychamber.scot/sites/default/files/hpc/SCOTTISH%20GOVERNMENT%20GUIDANCE%20ON%20ELECTRICAL%20INSTALLATIONS%20ND%20APPLIANCES%20IN%20PRIVATE%20RENTED%20PROPERTY%20-%20REVISED%20NOV%202016_0.pdf... Read More