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Tuesday 24th September 2013

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Chris Hills

15:32 PM, 21st October 2013, About 8 years ago

Damage caused by leak from neighbouring flat

Hi Christine,

In my experience the buildings insurance will not pay for the repair to the leak but may cover damage to the building structure caused by the leak (whether inside or out, within a flat or common areas). This can include ceilings, floors and decoration in most cases I have dealt with. It won't, I think, deal with your personal belongings which may have been damaged. This should be the remit of your contents/landlords insurance.

I would strongly suggest you contact your block manager to ensure they lodge a claim with the buildings insurers, just to make sure your are "in the system" and they can't say the claim wasn't lodged in reasonable time.

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Chris Hills

0:44 AM, 24th September 2013, About 8 years ago

Block of flats falling apart - what can we do?

Simple question but does the service charge have a sinking fund which could be used to at least defray the costs?

Clearly making the site safe is paramount - is there alternative access other than the walkway? Could the walkway be blocked off and the area made secure whilst a staged approach is planned and executed in stages, making it more acceptable to the leaseholders?... Read More