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Monday 26th June 2017

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Jenniefer Mulligan

21:17 PM, 26th June 2017, About 4 years ago

Liverpool Council lose at Property Tribunal

Welcome to the forum LCC, you state that Mr Sweeney failed in his appeal, however the tribunal found in his favour. It may be a single point. Yet this point will cause you to re-issue all of the licenses that you have issued so far. (Although that isn't as much as it should be, seeing as you are behind in your issuing).
As another member has already asked Please could you clarify how many tenants have had their housing enhanced from your selective licensing? how many slum landlords have you actually prosecuted in regards to poor housing? Also how can you blatantly lie about how you decided on"striking a balance" regarding protecting information passed from a confidential source regarding behaviour of a tenant. When you state in your current license conditions that any information passed from or to a landlord pertaining to anti social behaviour, should be kept and handed over to the council on demand within 7 days.. I find it very hard to be convinced that without Mr Sweeney pointing this out you would have continued to put neighbours of anti social tenants at risk!! You LCC are extremely good at pointing the finger at landlords yet fail miserably to help the people you state need helping.. The desperate tenants that are being kept in poor housing by slum lords. You know -the ones you stated would be protected by your selective licensing!!!... Read More