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Kevin Ratcliff

11:05 AM, 28th May 2020, About 2 years ago

Does dog clause stack up legally?

A landlords attitude towards dogs is shaped by their experience. I never had an issue with tenants having dogs until one tenant moved two very large dogs into the property after the tenancy started. I allowed them to stay as didn’t feel I had much choice however when the tenants left the dogs (which were generally kept outside) had badly damaged the (new) upvc window frames and rear door with deep gouges in frames ( from nails) and the edges of window cills chewed off. I’ve had other less serious but equally frustrating damage caused by both cats and dogs which tenants never fully compensate for. (New carpets needed caused by scratching surface away or so many matted hairs it was impossible to professionally clean, unauthorised pet flaps cut into new upvc doors, I could go on!)... Read More