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John Daley

12:36 PM, 17th August 2015, About 6 years ago

Licensing Consultation in Southwark


Please feel free to submit any evidence you like. You might also be clear about what offences I have committed with regard to PRS licensing in Southwark. Please be exact.

For everyone else I have left Southwark, entirely by agreement, when the work I was contracted to do was complete. I am very pleased to see that the proposal was approved by the Council recently

On my own behalf therefore I have to say that I think the proposal was a good one, it was widely and properly consulted and will, I think, have a positive effect over time. If other legislation overtakes it, well that is something we can't predict.

Discounting the less rational elements on this site and the comparisons to Albanian or Soviet dictators, which to be honest did cause a smile. There are a core of competent landlords we engaged with who can see what the objectives are and accept that the proposal addressed these as well as current legislation allowed.

As an example I cite the small areas included in Selective Licensing proposal. This clearly predated the rule change and was a direct result of our objectives, not political dogma or 'empire building'.

Most rational observers could see that we responded to the comments received in consultation and many of these were incorporated in the final proposal.

Quite a lot of the comments here are made by people who simply haven't read the papers or are unable to overcome their own prejudices enough to see both sides. There are more viewpoints than that of the amateur landlord.

Any landlord who can't see that this sector will become more heavily regulated is burying their head in the sand. The answer is to become engaged and steer proposals to the best possible conclusion as the NLA have done very well.

I have to say that having had close contact with all sides of the debate over the last two years, I think the future is clearer guidance for landlords to help them comply with current legislation and I am constantly amazed how many people are prepared to commit vast sums of their own money in to a business they do not understand at all.

On balance I think the market needs a more distant investment vehicle that effectively allows the average investor to be in the sector without having unreasonable costs or having to do the actual management.... Read More

John Daley

11:13 AM, 4th June 2015, About 6 years ago

Buying Attic space

Hi Dianne,

I think you need to do two things. Firstly get some advice from a solicitor who is genuinely expert in leasehold matters, the average high street hack doesn't have the required experience.

I'd also suggest you advise the other freeholders what you want to do. Obviously the issue has come up before so it won't be a total surprise.

One of the problems might be that a dissenting freeholder will seek compensation for the loss of the storage in the attic. They might have a valid claim, depending on lease terms, that will at the least delay your project.

The storage space has a value to everyone entitled to use it and you will probably have to pay that value to the other owners if they can prove a right to use it.... Read More

John Daley

14:49 PM, 21st May 2015, About 6 years ago

Charging Admin Fees Post Tenancy

Hi Paul,

Your contractual relationship with the tenant is over so you are under no obligation to do anything for the ex tenant.

However the tenant may have some reasonable justification for the request, in which case it is good manners to provide a copy if you have one. You would be justified in making a charge to cover your expenses. I'd get the cash before handing over the document.

It's possible the ex tenant is assembling references for a letting or mortgage, however it's their own fault for losing the AST so why shouldn't they pay for a new copy.... Read More

John Daley

16:03 PM, 19th March 2015, About 7 years ago

New regulations re Smoke and CO alarms

Hi Mark,

I have to say that if you were to spend a couple of hours combing through the DCLG announcements on the PRS released in the last couple of weeks you won't be any happier.

I have posted a few times here over the last 18 months that the sector faces greater regulation and involvement with Goverment. The profile of the sector is increasing and complaining about it is not going to change things.

In some ways the PRS is the victim of its own success, if more people live in the PRS than the Social sector then that is going to become an influential lobby. You may hate Generation Rent but they are increasingly well organised and vocal representing tenants.

It can't continue as an effectively unregulated industry and I mean effective regulation because there is a lot of legislation already existing that is not evenly enforced.

The profile of some of the key problems like overcowding, poor management & maintenance and the conduct of a small number of landlords has an increasingly well researched public health implication.

Goverment is becoming aware that it is spending substantial sums treating symptoms caused by poor PRS housing.

It may be difficult to believe but I am 100% behind the landlord representative organisations and accreditation, however the organisations voices are reduced by very limited membership.

I do think that blindly opposing everything is a waste of time. Making a fuss about smoke detectors just alienates the average observer who probably thinks they are a good thing. On the other hand I'd be worried about a right to sublet but my concern would be that the danger is that landlords control of the property would be reduced and therefore the effectiveness of management compromised..... Read More

John Daley

15:02 PM, 19th March 2015, About 7 years ago

New regulations re Smoke and CO alarms

Not all downside though, DCLG announced today 440 thousand free smoke alarms and 40 thousand free CO detentors available to landlords through the local fire service.

I'd assume that these are the battery type.... Read More