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Adam Surtees

8:30 AM, 20th May 2017
About 4 years ago

Advice on my first BTL from Sunderland

Hi Neil and Alison,

Thanks for your replies its much appreciated.

Neil, it looks like theres some very useful threads/ tools there which I will spend some time reading over and understanding.

Alison, thanks for that advice its good to get the answer I was expecting, I think I will focus on houses initially.

One or two burning questions I cant seem to find a definitive answer too is that will my situation I.E already being named on a BTL mortgage (details in original post) have an effect on attaining further BTL mortgages.

In addition, if the plan is to raise additional finance against a property, would you advise buying houses that are completely run down, requiring basic work or just looking for BMV purchases?

Thanks in advance your time is appreciated.
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