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Av Mind

14:16 PM, 17th May 2017
About 3 years ago

Article 4 riddle

Ok, so you will need planning permission to change from c3 to c4 even for a 'small HMO'. There are then other factors to decide if you need a license. So far I understand. Was I also incorrect in assuming that a house that was being used as a C4 before article 4 was introduced will not need planning permission to continue being used as C4? If it does not need planning permission how did the council know it was being used as a C4 before the date the article comes into effect?

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Av Mind

15:04 PM, 11th May 2017
About 3 years ago

Rent to rent on BTL mortgaged property

Hi Mark,

I have recently, since becoming interested in starting a business in rent to rent, been perusing the articles that have been written on the forum.

If I may first take a minute to thank you for your website and also to compliment you on the well balanced and professional manner with which you express yourself. I thoroughly enjoy reading your comments and the comments of many other forum members.

Onto my question; The first step to starting the rent to rent business was to get the most professionally drafted contract available. To this effect I will hope to buy the contract you have had written by Justin. My only reservation is that is seems from the comments above that this contract will be no use for a BTL property. Is this correct? and if so is there a contract at present which covers BTL as well ?... Read More