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Dave Stanger

18:44 PM, 8th February 2018
About 9 months ago

I know where the tenant has gone, can I use the info?

Suggest you hand deliver an invoice relating to outstanding rent to establish the address of the tenant then small claims court via money claim on line.... Read More

Dave Stanger

11:07 AM, 12th March 2011
About 8 years ago

EPCs are ignored by everyone, says consumer champion

As for electrics

Electrical appliances provided by Landlord should be tested once a year.
Mains wiring should have a certificate every five years.
Neither of these are legally required however if they caused a fire and you didnt have the certificates then you would be liable for damages, loss of life etc. Not worth the risk.... Read More

Dave Stanger

11:03 AM, 12th March 2011
About 8 years ago

EPCs are ignored by everyone, says consumer champion

I have to agree, as a Landlord, just another item I have to purchase that is a total waste of money. But, goverment says you have to have.
As Darrel I have found many mistakes on the EPC some of it seems to be guess work. I even wondered if the surveyor had actually been in the property!... Read More

Dave Stanger

10:53 AM, 12th March 2011
About 8 years ago

All about tenancy deposits

Yes I agree with john. As soon as the tenant raises a dispute the Landlord loses. I give a small but significant account of how you lose:

The tenant lost the back door key and did not attend checkout.
I charged them £6.75 for the missing key.
The tenant raised a dispute over £600 that was to be retained from deposit.
I hand over the £600 (what was the point in having this £600?)
Adjudicator looks at tenants statement who state key was left on the top of the fridge.
I provided the following evidence:
A photograph of the top of the fridge showing rubbish but no key (just happened to take a shot of the rubbish)
A receipt for the £6.75
An inventory showing there was a key

The adjudicator ruled that I had not proved that the key was missing!!!! My question remains "How do you prove an item is missing". My Deposits cannot answer this question.

It has become clear to me that My Deposits are making many millions with this scam to hold deposits that as soon as the tenant clicks a button, at no cost, I have to give the money away.

In future I am inserting clauses in tenancy agreements to cover costs of cleaning etc at the end of tenancies and if they dont pay I take them to court for £30, at the click of a button. At least I then get a judge to decide.

PS I lost £281 of the £600 owed. And I paid £29 for the privelege of all this grief... Read More