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14:26 PM, 25th March 2020
About 5 days ago

Essential maintenance can be carried out during lockdown

I have plasterers in empty property today.
All the contractors I have spoke with will only go into empty properties or outside wrk.
So where I am it's going to be hard to get anyone for maintenance and if u do there will be high risk costs added... Read More


7:54 AM, 19th March 2020
About 2 weeks ago

He's absolutely crackers!

Section 24 should be immediately scrapped. Now some will def have tax bills with no income.
Empty property council tax100% should be scrapped
I agree the best route would be for landlords to be paid full rent direct via UC and the tenant to pay back via tax system or benefit system over time.
Giving 3 months rent break will be like a red rag to a bull for the rogue tenants.
Landlords will be milked with he blessings of government
Many more will be bankrupted or leave the sector.
It takes months now to evict after this it will be years.... Read More


11:25 AM, 7th February 2020
About 2 months ago

R.I.P. David Knox - A.K.A. "Appalled Landlord"

It is so very sad to lose a core fighter for justice for all landlords.
He particularly contributed so much in the fight against S24.
He will be greatly missed by all of us.
Condolences to his wife and family.... Read More


23:08 PM, 5th January 2020
About 3 months ago

Jenrick overhauls tenancy agreement to help end pet bans

I have some tenants with dogs/cats and the house and gardens are well kept. You would not know they had a pet.
But I also have been at the other end, one tenant had a new dog every year.
Charging a higher deposit it gave a small safety net but mainly it made you feel more confident they were responsible.... Read More