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13:17 PM, 24th August 2019
About 8 hours ago

Another reason not to accept tenants on benefits: a case study

New Universal Credit research for the RLA

This week we published the findings of new Universal Credit research for the RLA.

The research, which can be read here, reveals that:

54% of those private landlords who have let to tenants on Universal Credit in the past 12 months have seen them fall into rent arrears
Of these, 82% said that the arrears only began after a new claim for Universal Credit or after a tenant had been moved to the Credit from housing benefit.
68% of landlords said that there was a shortfall between the cost of rent and the amount paid in Universal Credit.
It took landlords an average of almost 8.5 weeks for an Alternative Payment Arrangement to be arranged, meaning that landlords can be left with almost four months of rent arrears before they begin to receive the rent they are owed.
The RLA is calling on the Government to do more to prevent rent arrears occurring in the first place including:

Giving all tenants from the start of a claim for Universal Credit the ability to choose to have the housing element paid directly to their landlord.
Ending the five week waiting period to receive the first Universal Credit payment.
Ending the Local Housing Allowance freeze to ensure it reflects the realities of private sector rents.... Read More


11:45 AM, 24th August 2019
About 9 hours ago

Disrepair Claims Farmers should concern us all

What is the ratio of tenant to landlord you have defended?
Is there a particular claim from tenants against landlords which is high? Ie mould etc and vice versa
From your experience what is the average claim in money terms from the tenant and landlord?
Is this type of information data collected / recorded?
Do you expect a much greater increase in cases from tenants now Karen Bucks law is in? I suspect the answer is yes, and wonder how much will this delay courts with load increases... Read More


19:55 PM, 23rd August 2019
About A day ago

The Alliance position on Section 21

Landlords’ annual loss is £9.9 billion in arrears & damage
By LandlordZONE - 10th September 20151748... Read More


13:29 PM, 23rd August 2019
About A day ago

Disrepair Claims Farmers should concern us all

Reply to the comment left by Giles Peaker at 23/08/2019 - 10:19Regarding PAYE they have to communicate with the tax office and surely if the NI number is known the courts would have access to who the tenants employer is.
When they try 3 times to attend address you normally have to pay a firm to find and then the defaulting tenant never comes to door to able the court official to serve notice on them to get them into court.
I am sure this area could be streamlined to be much more efficient and productive.
With all this tax digital VAT online why do they still then cheques out for attachment of earnings?... Read More