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18:25 PM, 23rd November 2020
About A week ago

Spain has abandoned any pretence of respecting private property rights

I am so sorry to hear what is happening in Spain. Do you think its because authorities are scared of the Mafia or the government is corrupt.
Squatters now can be evicted much more quickly in England. But they also like to do max damage.
What all governments are doing is giving far to many rights to people who have no respect, decency or pride.
They are Indirectly encouraging this behaviour instead of stamping it out.... Read More


11:46 AM, 28th October 2020
About a month ago

We are now in a completely different operating environment

Yes I am asking for guarantors going forward as others have said we now can't afford not to.... Read More


19:04 PM, 21st October 2020
About a month ago

Extension wall built too close?

Reply to the comment left by colette at 20/10/2020 - 18:11
You don't pay your neighbour has to pay... Read More


14:15 PM, 19th October 2020
About a month ago

Extension wall built too close?

I would speak to party wall surveyors and ask your neighbour for the party wall agreement... Read More


8:03 AM, 3rd October 2020
About 2 months ago

Government consultation to increase minimum EPC rating to band C for PRS

Since I have been wrapping up my properties in insulation I have had much more black mould/ condensation. Mainly the older properties but not all.

Tenants don't open trickle vents and tape fans.
Black mould is one of the top areas the parasite lawyers go after.... Read More