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Friday 13th September 2013

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16:04 PM, 13th September 2013
About 8 years ago

Our flat could have caught fire

Thanks Lauren for all the helpful advice. I will drop you an email over the weekend. I can’t do it now as I’m out visiting friends.

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13:39 PM, 13th September 2013
About 8 years ago

Our flat could have caught fire

Hi Lauren

The cooker still works and doesn't trip out any more so at least that problem was fixed.

The ideal outcome for us would be:-

1) A letter of apology from the letting agency and their contractor
2) £50 compensation towards our electric bill
3) A refund of our costs of replacing the baking trays
4) For the rubber seal around the oven to be replaced

I doubt I will get any of this though without a fight and I suspect they will try to charge us for the damaged oven seal at the end of our tenancy.

The letting agency (**MODERATED OUT**) have not been good from day one.

When we moved in around this time last year there was a Post It note in one corner of the lounge saying "we are aware that the roof is leaking and the landlord is in dispute with the Council. If you have any problems such as damp in this corner please let us know". There was no mention of the leaking roof before we signed the tenancy agreement!

Sure enough, as soon as it started raining the damp patch appeared. We reported in to the letting agents and on the third attempt we came home one day to find a tin of paint and a paint brush on the doorstep. Another post it note said "please leave the tin and the paintbrush in the shed behind your flats when you are finished with it". We thought GREAT - THANKS!

We didn't want to make too much fuss though as we were scared of being thrown out. I've been following Property118 for a while though now and I'm much more confident about our rights these days. We signed a new tenancy agreement for 10 months last week so we now feel far more secure about kicking up a fuss.

PS - thank you Mark for explaining what TPO is, I wouldn't have had a clue what Neil was referring to otherwise.

PPS - It never crossed our minds to stop paying the rent, our parents would kill us if we did that, they are our guarantors.... Read More


10:56 AM, 22nd December 2011
About 9 years ago