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Nick Price

14:42 PM, 1st May 2021
About 7 days ago

My battle with Rosinca formerly Mortgage Express?

Could the opening poster explain on what grounds they have found her in breach on her mortgage obligations. Why didn't she simply remortgage to a residential mortgage if she moved into the rental property (if that is the issue). Can she not remortgage now?... Read More

Nick Price

14:38 PM, 1st May 2021
About 7 days ago

Deducting interest on someone else’s mortgage?

He's right. You can only deduct mortgage interest if you are on the mortgage. You can split shares by trust deed. If you want to deduct mortgage interest you need to do a transfer of equity and remortgage.... Read More

Nick Price

11:52 AM, 9th December 2017
About 3 years ago

What's the process for creating a deed of trust to transfer rental income to spouse?

Your Declaration of Trust needs to evidence the proportion that you declare on Form 17. You cannot have different figures.

Also a copy of the deed (preferably a certified copy) is all that you need to send with the Form 17.... Read More

Nick Price

0:37 AM, 29th September 2017
About 4 years ago

No copy of agreement and tenant has dementia?

This is not so complicated. Draft a notice of termination, state that the landlord and tenant mutually agree to terminate the rental agreement, due to tenant's ill-health. Also write that the Landlord in return for possession of the property by [insert date] agrees to forfeit the rental arrears. Add that any belongings left behind will be considered abandoned and the Landlord shall have the right to dispose of it. Sign this, have the tenant sign it, and have the son witness it.
Get back your keys, and change the locks. Expect to have a bit of expense in clearing away stuff from the house (but you can begin planning that already and then to relet).... Read More