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Prakash Tanna

8:40 AM, 22nd May 2021, About a month ago

Concerned about offering tenancy to someone so young?

Reply to the comment left by Dylan Morris at 22/05/2021 - 08:30
You have clearly misinterpreted what I said or chosen for whatever reason to infer the wrong conclusion. I have been a landlord now nearly 20yrs with a substantial portfolio and never had a major problem with my model.

It is wrong to discriminate against somebody's age or 'What if' the partner leaves.... Read More

Prakash Tanna

7:24 AM, 22nd May 2021, About a month ago

Concerned about offering tenancy to someone so young?

I don't think it is fair to judge somebody based on their age or circumstances like 'What if the partner leaves her' not do I thin that is legal in today's society. As pointed out above by others her LHA bedroom entitlement is based on how many children she has and not whether she has a partner living with her or not.

Personally, I would not chose to NOT LET OUT to somebody who is 18 years old. In law, they are an adult and should be treated like one.

Anybody at any age can separate from a partner, lose their job or end up having financial difficulties.

As a landlord, as see my role as not let somebody who lets out property for profit but somebody who gives people the opportunity to start to have a place they can call home and build on their future.

I should imo judge the prospective tenant on an individual case by case merit. No doubt somebody somewhere has had a wonderful experience whilst somebody elsewhere has had a horrible experience with an 18 yr old and a 81 yr old. So what ?... Read More

Prakash Tanna

10:38 AM, 20th May 2021, About a month ago

Letter to tackle persistent and unreasonable maintenance requests?

Reply to the comment left by Ian Narbeth at 20/05/2021 - 09:50
I agree with Ian. Be firm and to the point not apologetic. Fulfil your legal obligations as a Landlord and refuse the improvements unless of course you want to carry them out, at your cost, to make the property better for the tenant with the view they will stay longer.

At the end of the day it comes down to what they are asking for, how reasonable the requests are and what it will cost you in time and money. Only you can make that judgement call on the 'improvements' list of tasks. Goodluck!... Read More

Prakash Tanna

19:33 PM, 26th April 2021, About 2 months ago

When should tenants report an unlicensed HMO?

Reply to the comment left by Mark Alexander at 26/04/2021 - 12:53
I hope you are wrong too. For a tenant to continue knowingly reside in unlicensed HMO with the motive of claiming a RRO later on in life is imo disgraceful and should be illegal too. That would be no different to a free loader who wants to exploit the system. The laws are there to protect the tenants and ensure they are not living in squalor or dangerous conditions and being exploited for extortionate rents. Do the right thing, speak to the Landlord, ensure the property is kept to standards and the licence is renewed in time. I can't imagine any sensible landlord allowing the licence to lapse, covid19 aside.... Read More

Prakash Tanna

16:36 PM, 25th March 2021, About 3 months ago

When can I re-let room after tenant has done a runner?

If you want to trace the whereabout of the tenant then I have always found to provide a positive result provided you give them as much information you have (d.o.b, NI No., previous address, etc.). As long as the tenant has changed the address on the credit card or mobile phone bill it usually shows up on their credit file within a month or two. These guys don't charge if they can't find the person.... Read More