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james briscoe

1:34 AM, 23rd June 2016
About 5 years ago

EU Referendum - Landlords Reactions

I'm shocked to see most landlords here want to leave the EU! Have any of these people actually done their OWN research? Anyone taken a look at the EC Treaty to verify what the campaigns are saying? I would have thought landlords were the kind of people who were used to going to the primary source...maybe that's why they end up having so many issues! From a practical point of view, do these landlords really want to reduce the supply of tenants in the UK & reduce investment (potentially the value) of their portfolio?... Read More

james briscoe

14:18 PM, 19th January 2016
About 5 years ago

Off plan purchase delays - Advice on stamp duty/mortgage

*Please delete my reply above*

It's very frustrating as it's been caused by the Developer delaying twice and not by fault of our own. Also I've read that if you had exchanged before the release of the Autumn Statement (25th Nov.), that you could have avoided the additional stamp duty, even if Completion occurred after April 2016. It was actually our intention to exchange earlier than this date but delays were caused by our bank (they lost some of our paperwork for 1 month and it was impossible to speak to anyone who could actually help!), and our lawyers forgot to ask my co-applicant for an ID questionnaire (along with things going missing in the post!).

Ultimately, these risks are something which an amateur landlord must learn about eventually I suppose. For the record, should the Autumn Statement be considered sufficient notice, I think it's highly unfair on non-professional landlords.

I would like to know whether if the property receives a higher valuation, would the bank allow us to borrow more (have a higher LTV), assuming our personal circumstances have remained the same? If so, we would apply for a new mortgage around March 2016 (hope this leaves sufficient time), otherwise I will speak to my bank and see if there's some flexibility with the booking expiration date.... Read More