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Luk Udav

13:10 PM, 1st March 2019
About A year ago

3% Stamp surcharge only if property is suitable as dwelling on purchase?

Thank for bringing this up. Trying to keep awake, I am wading through the judgement as, if upheld, it has very significant implications. As usual the legalese is formidable, but I loved this footnote, although it's probably not PC:
"Reading Irish decisions can give the impression at times that the arguments put forward owe more to the imagination and writings of Flann O’Brien/Myles na gCopaleen (Brian O’Nolan) than a study of the law."... Read More

Luk Udav

13:19 PM, 22nd December 2018
About A year ago

Nottingham Council - Why do you refuse to work with Good Landlords?

Mick, I think you would get more traction by sending your letter to the major newspapers. I bet one of them would take it up as it's clearly a scandal.
I do empathise with you.... Read More

Luk Udav

12:46 PM, 19th December 2018
About A year ago

And the landlord vote goes to - Please vote again

I live in a constituency with a massive majority and so, like most people, am effectively disenfranchised. It seems that spoiled ballot papers are shown to the candidates, so I have mainly just written my views on some topic.
I don't think Tony Blair will be prosecuted as a war criminal, but at least the candidates know my views. Petty, I know, but it's the only way my "vote" counts in this mock democracy we have.... Read More

Luk Udav

19:07 PM, 14th December 2018
About A year ago

Scottish LBTT Additional Dwelling Supplement increase to 4%

Reply to the comment left by Gromit at 13/12/2018 - 10:22
The Laffer Curve is doctrinaire nonsense and useless for guiding policy. It's clear Revenue =0 at tax rate =0% and at a tax rate =100% but LC gives no guide as to where revenue is maximised, even if that's what you want to do.
Given that, an extra SDLT tax discriminates in favour of new build rather than renovation. Quite why the SNP wants to emulate the Tories I don't understand. The Tories at least know who contributes to their coffers.
All that "help for FTBs" so far has resulted in is the obscene bonuses for the Persimmon guys.... Read More

Luk Udav

12:52 PM, 21st November 2018
About A year ago

Security of tenure in the PRS is not a cause of increasing homelessness

The RLA cherry picked what it wanted to from what it paid for. The MMU paper is much more nuanced than this. But I'm afraid that with just 16 in-depth interviews and a response rate of 2% (1,405 from 70,000) self selecting nothing can be deduced from their survey.
The discussion is interesting, though, and their stress on the London-centric bias in policy is welcome.... Read More