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Scott Blackledge

6:21 AM, 14th December 2016, About 5 years ago

Can I cancel my letting agents contract and keep my good tenant?

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the response.

The contract says frequent inspections. I started with a polite email and have asked for the Ombudsmen details and they told me that they are allowed a two week period to look into it. They still haven't provided me with the ombudsmen details.

During that two week time the tenant contacted me directly and made me aware that the leak had caused the floor to be damaged and the tenant replaced the floor. I raised the new floor with the agent(it wasn't like for like and the agent knew but never told me about it - naturally I was really angry). The agent would not let me view the property to see what had happened, but the Tenant invited me round so I went to see and take photos.

The response for the agent today was to evict them to get out the contract or they will pursue me with legal action if I transfer to another agent with the tenant in situ.

There are other issues but I'm keeping to facts I can prove.

My inclination is to proceed with the new agent and see what they do but I'm just worried about the legal action they can take.

Thanks again,
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Scott Blackledge

20:37 PM, 13th December 2016, About 5 years ago

Can I cancel my letting agents contract and keep my good tenant?


I came across this blog as I want to swap letting agents (I do not know enough to do this properly myself).

I want to swap due to the poor service that I have received from my agent (not getting back to me, not conducting the number of inspections agreed, not engaging a plumber to fix a leak that lead to further damage and failing to provide me with a tenancy agreement).

The tenant also contacted me over social media as they too were not getting a response from the agent.

I gave the Agent more than 2 months notice but they have informed me that they are entitled to continue charging me and I can not swap Agents while the tenant introduced by the Agency is still in occupation (a fact set out in their Owners Application Form).

They have told me that the only thing I can do it to evict the tenant but I don't want to evict someone who has paid rent on time and, as far as I can see, hasn't done anything other than receive a poor service from the Agent.

Do I have any other options other than evicting the Tenants?

Thanks for the advice
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