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Jon D

19:36 PM, 8th February 2021
About 3 weeks ago

Wrongly given lodger agreement instead of AST?

Sure, give her the notice in the lodger agreement.

Thereafter explain that this is private land and any attempt to re-enter will lead to her arrest.

(Put a TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED notice on the door. The implied right of access of [NAME] and associated parties has been revoked by the land owner etc.)... Read More

Jon D

15:28 PM, 7th February 2021
About 3 weeks ago

Wrongly given lodger agreement instead of AST?

Change the locks.

Give her a few days notice, put her stuff on the lawn.

She has a mountain to climb in claiming this is a tenancy without AST, even in the socialist republic of the UK and with its centrist Conservative party.

Chances of that are close to zero. Let her join the covid court queues.

Be very firm from the outset and get rid.

If you were ever stood in a court, indicate you are following the lodger agreement in good faith. That will mitigate any penalty, which is unlikely anyway.

Take left leaning comments with a pinch of salt.... Read More

Jon D

16:32 PM, 31st January 2021
About 4 weeks ago

Taxation of 7 months rent in advance?

Setup a Ltd Co for £20. Rental agreement in Ltd Co name.
Receive rent to free business account and pay yourself after April 5th (or portion prior and after). You're only taxed personally when you pay yourself from this separate legal entity.

Ideally you should sit behind a co. anyway for privacy reasons, requiring more digging by a more determined tenant or other party for your data.

Furthermore there are tax advantages to using a ltd co. with some allowed expenses.... Read More

Jon D

14:09 PM, 23rd January 2021
About a month ago

Capitol Riot Suspects Self-Incriminate Just Like Landlords Do Every Day

Sounds like Bargain Brits on Benefits Mick.....
... Read More

Jon D

14:02 PM, 23rd January 2021
About a month ago

'Breathing Space' initiative - Beware?

Yup. The Conservative party are clearly centrist, because that is where the easy choices are. All parties in most countries now look at polling data every day.
If the poll says 'protect tenants' that's what the govt will do. And so on.
This is data-driven democracy.
A dystopian future.... Read More