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Joe Gervin

12:52 PM, 11th June 2018
About 3 years ago

HMO Liverpool advice please


Did you get your property issue resolved? If you would like to drop me an email, I own an estate agency (, have a number of BTL properties and develop also. Always happy to help out if I / We can.

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Joe Gervin

12:43 PM, 11th June 2018
About 3 years ago

Letting and Family?

I would think your financial advisor needs to look at these circumstances. Can you afford to buy the property outright in the NewCo? If so, you would have no issues re CML handbook / FCA etc. In the circumstances above the lender will ask where the deposit is coming from? I dont see any reason why the LTD couldnt taken a "loan" or a gifted deposit as long as the paperwork was right (approved by solicitor / accountant). Thereafter, the lender if happy, should be able to loan the collateral. The "tenant / occupier" status is a further query for the lender.
Joe Gervin
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Joe Gervin

12:37 PM, 11th June 2018
About 3 years ago

Is completion date agreed in writing when we exchange contracts?


Ill answer as best I can in the circumstances:

Q Can I get the sellers company to send me in writing an agreement about the completion date and if they not finishing the property by December to take legal actions against them?

ANS: please ask you solicitor or read the contract you signed. It will normally include a clause saying completion will be a certain number of days after "practical completion", i.e. once the architect / surveyor has signed it off (subject to building control / planning permissions). Usually there is some kind of "long stop date" that will put the developer under pressure to complete within reasonable timeframes. Check with the contract!

Q Is there anywhere in the exchange contracts saying that the property will be ready by a certain date or in a certain period of time?

ANS - as above, but you'll need to check the contract for long stop / practical completion definition.

Q - Can I pull out the deal and get my deposit back if they doing this?

ANS - Doing what? If they are finishing the building, this is what you have signed up to. The only way the contract would fall away if there was some major material breach by the Seller / developer.

Can I add this clause to my contract after we exchanged contracts?

ANS - no, only the other party agree to this, but highly unlikely.

Is there anything I can do legally to get my deposit back if I changed my mind about the company and I can see they are not taking this matter serious and their attitude towards me has changed since we exchanged contracts?

ANS - as above, extremely unlikely. Exchanged contracts are generally the point of no return. Hence, lawyers do all their due diligence prior to exchange, which I assume your solicitor should have done?

Joseph Gervin
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Joe Gervin

17:49 PM, 19th October 2016
About 4 years ago

Liverpool Landlords Call to Arms

Reply to the comment left by "Jon Bourne" at "06/06/2016 - 18:29":

Agree Jon. We have completed hundreds of applications for our Liverpool properties and really it is just a joke. Big Brother has well and truly arrived!... Read More

Joe Gervin

17:46 PM, 19th October 2016
About 4 years ago

Liverpool landlord licensing farce continues for Agent


We are the same. We have had to register separately with NALS. We are members of the Law Society, UKALA, Safe Agent, Property Ombudsman, Client Money Protection, ICO, HMRC Anti Money Laundering registered, Professional Indemnified to name but a few. Where does the regulation stop?... Read More