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Indy Tihar

8:00 AM, 23rd August 2013, About 8 years ago

Tenant Referencing Using Common Sense

Very impressive Mark, I do similar steps to you and I find building a relationship with the tenant crucial from day 1. If you do not meet tenants and talk to them then how can you possibly get a feel for how they will treat your property?... Read More

Indy Tihar

15:54 PM, 25th June 2013, About 9 years ago

Perfect tenant of 6 years turns heroin addicted prostitute - EVICTED!

Shame that the law does not protect the Landlords more so when a problem such as this arises, These sort of ppl should be Jailed for what they have done, Them being addicted to Drugs is no excuse, Feel for you mate and lets just say its a lesson learnt and in future always have Guarantor... Read More

Indy Tihar

14:19 PM, 10th April 2013, About 9 years ago

Implied surrender and changing the locks

I too had a tenant who left prior to agreed date, house was left in a bad way, tenant informed me via text she had gone and that she had left the keys on kitchen worktop, i went immediately and took photos of whole house, i then made notes of damage caused, i informed her via email what she had done and that she was in Breach of contract, she replied trying to counter what i put to her, I then sent her photos of house as she left it and asked her to check photo Inventory made at start of Tenancy and sent her an email of damming evidence i had on her aswell as what i was withholding against her- this scared the s**t out of her and she acknowledged everything and paid up all that was owed, I take my responsibility as a Landlord seriously and any contact i have with all my Tenants now i log for my records, I have done this from day 1 and i can say it can be slightly time consuming but worth it if you have to go to court and tenant has made up a pack of lies and you pull out evidence in your favour which shows dates and times of Landlord being responsible. That particular tenant for the record has 4 kids by 4 different men now and has moved from house to house and will continue to do so, She will be a burden on the state and worse thing is the Councils look out for these so called ppl.
Animals wouldnt behave half as bad as these rotten tenants but hey we live and learn, Brilliant forum for discussions reg Landlords and Tenants... Read More

Indy Tihar

11:09 AM, 27th February 2013, About 9 years ago

My New Build Property Investment Strategy

Impressed that you bought the house at the price you bought at being £70-000.
Where was this ?
Are there any more similar in the area ?
How do i find out when new homes builders are struggling to sell their houses ?... Read More