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Sami Houmrani

4 days ago
Review of Selective Licensing announced

The licence fees are an issue as landlords may need to pass these costs onto their tenants, which will place a greater burden on the most vulnerable people in the private rented sector (PRS).... Read More

Sami Houmrani

6 days ago
Obtaining permission from mortgage provider to rent rooms?

If you propose to let a mortgaged property, or a room within it, you will require permission from the mortgage lender. It will be a term of that agreement that you get the lender’s permission before you let the property, even if you are just letting one room in it. This is because the mortgage lender will be concerned that you are not doing anything that may affect the value of their investment and their ability to recover the loan they paid you to buy the property. You will need to check the terms of your mortgage. For many Buy to Let mortgages permission to rent the property may be automatic, but even in Buy to Let mortgages there may be conditions on the type of let permissible e.g assured shorthold tenancies only’ or a restriction on housing benefit tenants. If you are unsure of the requirements, speak to your legal adviser assisting with the purchase. You will probably need special permission from the lender if you want to rent the property out as rooms or bedsits which would create a House in Multiple Occupation.

If you purchase the property as an owner-occupier on a standard mortgage for home owners, you will need to obtain permission to rent the property to tenants. The lender may increase the cost of the mortgage if they give permission to rent the property out. Usually a lender will not object to one room being rented out to a lodger.... Read More

Sami Houmrani

A week ago
How to make a claim for damages

It depends how much they owe you. Use Moneyclaim costs vary depending on the owed amount. Plus if the deposit covers the damages then you don't need to take court action just claim the whole deposit - which is what your tenants would be expecting anyway. You can action a Moneyclaim at the same time but it may cost more to start if you include the deposit monies as owed and you may miss costs that arise through the recovery of the deposit (proving ID etc.)

Another thing to bear in mind, the second you tell the deposit scheme that you are undergoing legal action they will stop everything until you tell them the outcome of the case. This is helpful if you're going on holiday and need to extend the time you have to return the deposit.

Either way good luck and don't forget to list your tenants on landlordreferencing website to stop us taking your bad tenants. Also list the good ones so it makes referencing easy. Plus search your next tenant on that site to reduce the liklihood of the same happening to you again. Make sure you list the tenant and the guarantor as the defendants on the claim form - I have had great success with this strategy and attachment of earnings to get my unpaid rent paid.... Read More

Sami Houmrani

2 weeks ago
Shadow Housing Minister wants 3 week deposit maximum

These idiots get paid a fortune and this is what they come up with! Temporary Accommodation is now the fastest growing area of housing, isn't it?!... Read More

Sami Houmrani

2 weeks ago
Letting agent unwilling to release deposit to me?

They have a legal responsibility to arrange the transfer of the deposit that they formely held under contract on your behalf - find out what company holds the deposit and seek advice from them. In terms of the they will not release the money to you until you have registered the deposit with your own scheme and given them proof that you have done this - is this reflected in the Agents business terms and conditions? If not get a solicitor to write a letter that threatens action through the courts - and don't forget to contact the Property Omnbudsman and ARLA etc, assuming they are memebers.... Read More