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Ascot Landlord

13:09 PM, 23rd May 2018
About 9 months ago

Which Billboard Design Do You Prefer?

I'm from a print/publishing background and I'm afraid the original design does look pretty cheap and tacky (a bit like the 'sell your home fast' signs) and quite frankly I probably wouldn't give it a second look as it doesn't look very official.
I prefer the new design - but perhaps it could include some more info from the first version (however - the current lead-in line 'Renting your home?' could be seen as a question for landlords rather than tenants).... Read More

Ascot Landlord

11:11 AM, 12th July 2017
About 2 years ago

An ARMY within our midst - Fight against Section24

I think we're missing something here. We need to explain simply what Section 24 is - i.e. a tax on rental income that ignores mortgage outgoings. We can't expect tenants to look this up. For the record, I've found many estate agents don't know what Section 24 is - they know about the extra stamp duty for 2nd homes but that's about it!... Read More