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Tuesday 12th April 2016

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Mark Harris

17:48 PM, 12th April 2016, About 6 years ago

Stamp Duty extra 3% - Do I pay flow chart

Help and advice needed for landlord buying new PPR.
Confusion reins.
Not sure from the above articles whether higher stamp duty would apply in my situation or not.
I an a landlord with a small portfolio of English BTL's and now looking to purchase a home for my wife and I rather than being currently in rented.
I have been advised by my mortgage adviser and conveyancer that the higher stamp duty would not apply, However...
From the above articles there does not seem to any definitive concussion either way, or any update since before the budget so still not sure as to any current SD liability that may apply.
To confuse things even more the property I am thinking of purchasing has a separately taxed (council) basement flat, but I believe shares water supply.
Having now just seem this BBC news article ( ) this has once set alarm bells ringing for me.
I therefore ask if anyone does, as yet, have a definitive answer to, or solid advise on this situation.
Failing that, I can feel a call to the HMRC coming on, but I can guess what they will say...... Read More