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17:53 PM, 21st July 2019
About A year ago

Illegal HMO- Do we advise Council?

Unfortunately I am in the very same situation with a property in Colchester which was rented out since February last year.
The introduction of this Company was made very strongly by the estate agents in Colchester and only later did I realise the reason for the strong introduction and persistent pressure from the estate agent as they apparently introduced this company to atleast half a dozen other unsuspecting landlords in the area. The agents indirectly benefit by having the rent collection percentage collected off the collected rent.
In any case the whole thing has been a disaster.
Of the last 16 months only two rental payments were made on time and all the others were delayed.
I have not received the rental for the last three months now and the agents are now trying to say they were unaware even no it is perfectly obvious that they acted in cahoots with the company to introduce and rent collect these illegal HMO’s.
My question again in common with the original poster is whether the council should now be involved as it is obvious that both the estate agents and the company who took on the guaranteed rental have acted illegally without informing the landlord?
As it is obvious that the estate agent has acted in cahoots with the company in perpetrating this,shouldn’t they be held liable for this as well?Wonder if they can be taken to court over this?... Read More