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Ana Martinez-Fernandez

11:03 AM, 20th April 2022, About a month ago

Shortage of rental properties so extreme tenants are refusing to leave?

As many have pointed out, Section 24, a tax that goes against standard accountancy/business rules, has been the primary cause of the dramatic reduction of PRS housing. We could all see this when it was introduced and yet nothing has changed since to improve it. The upcoming EPC changes and abolition of Section 21 will only encourage more landlords to leave the market.... Read More

Ana Martinez-Fernandez

11:37 AM, 2nd March 2021, About A year ago

Update on Pilar - Squatting and private property rights undermined in Spain

Agreed, it is absolutely disgusting what is happening in Spain. As for us in the UK the level of anxiety about what the future may bring is also very high. But who do we vote for if not the Conservatives? I don't see any alternatives unfortunately.... Read More

Ana Martinez-Fernandez

10:55 AM, 20th February 2021, About A year ago

Ana Martinez-Fernandez

10:24 AM, 20th February 2021, About A year ago

Surely I am not the only landlord worried about new EPC requirements?

Reply to the comment left by John at 17/02/2021 - 13:26
Hi John, I too have properties in Leeds. How can I join the Whatsapp group please? It is also news to mee that LCC wants to get rented properties to an A grade!... Read More

Ana Martinez-Fernandez

12:44 PM, 19th February 2021, About A year ago

5th April 2015 Property Valuations for CGT?

Hi, I'm not a tax adviser, so please check it yourself carefully, but I believe that you can also elect to calculate the capital gain using the "straight-line time apportionment" OR the original cost of the property (this is called "the retrospective basis").... Read More