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Gareth Thomas

23:13 PM, 2nd March 2016, About 6 years ago

Complaint to the BBC on reports concerning tax changes for landlords

I made my complaint and wrote the following:

My complaint is that the BBC are promulgating anti-landlord/property investor propaganda on behalf of the Government in an effort to support the Government's illegal and flawed tax grab initiative which flies on the face of normal business.

If a greengrocer or a minicab driver can offset loan interest against his earnings then why can't a property investor/landlord carry on doing the same.

George Osborne clearly sees this action as a vote winner with the general populace who bemoan the fact that they can't get a home or they are paying high rents in London. I agree with the sentiment but the method by which the Government are addressing the issue, which doesn't/won't actually address the issue and I believe is illegal and flies in the face of every business practice and process in the world.

Buying property to rent is a business. It's not hands off or passive, even if the investor uses an agent to manage it. But even if an agent is used then it's still a business and interest is a legitimate cost to deduct from the rental income stream generated by the business (of letting property).

So the reporting of this by the BBC in the manner in which it was done was completely biased and made property investors/landlords to be getting something extra that other folk weren't getting. This is completely not the case.

If the Government wanted to restrict the purchase of property as a buy to let investment/letting business then the fairer approach must be to instigate tax changes from a future date for all NEW property investors/purchases. It is unfair to make these changes retrospectively for existing property investors with portfolios of 2 or more and with the mind set of building a property business.

I have enumerated my personal complaint but I'd like to draw your attention to another, more eloquent, complaint here: Read More

Gareth Thomas

8:25 AM, 26th October 2015, About 6 years ago

Conservative Councillor hits out at ruinous landlord tax plan

Has the portfolio valuation amount needed to use the tax saving strategy come down from £5m to £2m Mark?... Read More

Gareth Thomas

19:01 PM, 3rd June 2014, About 8 years ago

Lone tenant hassled over re-signing of contract

I have to ask why it's such a problem to sign a new contract. Is the landlord putting up the rent? If you're on benefits then maybe it's going up because your LHA rate has gone up which will offset the increase anyway.

If you're insistent that 12 months is too long, why not negotiate a 6 month term?... Read More

Gareth Thomas

21:13 PM, 27th May 2014, About 8 years ago

Police damage to rental property

This happened to me many years ago.

I claimed for a new door on an emergency repair policy that I had in force at that time and paid a £100 excess fee to the insurance company.

I then wrote to the police and I eventually (after a second letter) received my compensation. This is the letter I wrote. Feel free to use it as a template and change it according to your particular circumstances.


Chief Superintendent Sharon Rowe
Edmonton Police Station
462 Fore Street
N9 0PW

Dear Chief Superintendent,

Re: Compensation Claim - Damage to Back Door PROPERTY ADDRESS
In Attendance - PC YE212. CAD Number: CAD8786/26May2006.

I hope that you are the right person to whom I should be addressing this letter. If you are not the right person, would you please accept my apologies and forward this letter to the person that has the authority to deal with this issue.

I am writing to claim £100 compensation for the damage sustained to my property by one of your officers in respect of an incident that occurred on Friday 26th May 2006. The amount I am claiming is the excess payment that I had to make to the insurance company before they would fit a new back door to the property (the old one was damaged beyond repair by your officer). I have enclosed a copy of a receipt from Homeserve evidencing this payment for your records. All the details of the case held on your computer database can be brought up using the CAD reference shown above.

A new door was finally fitted on 9th July and I am claiming compensation from the Police because:-

1. Nobody gave me any warning of the intention to force access to the property, irrespective of the circumstances. My next-door neighbour, Mr X, at XYZ Road, showed your officers a letter from me with my mobile telephone number shown at the top of that letter. Mr X pleaded with your officers to ring me before doing anything drastic. From what I can make out, your officers ignored this sound advice. Your officers did not make any effort to contact me or leave a message on my mobile telephone and thus give me the chance to talk to him/her prior to taking such drastic action.

2. Your officers’ ‘gung-ho’ approach and inability to give me fair warning has meant I am now personally out of pocket to the tune of £100 for something which I had no control over and, had I been informed, I could’ve helped sort the matter out, thus avoiding this claim for compensation.

3. My tenant has been extremely upset by this whole affair and this has caused irreparable damage to the Landlord/Tenant relationship. She has threatened to sue me for breaching the terms of the tenancy agreement (she is unable to enjoy peaceful occupation of the property).

The point is that had somebody, anybody, rang me on my mobile telephone and either spoken to me or left me a message to ring them back I would have been able to make the necessary arrangements to get to the property within one hour, with the keys, and we could’ve resolved any query quickly and amicably.

The outcome that I would like to see is a compensation payment of £100 made payable to “YOUR NAME” and a letter of apology for the inconvenience and distress caused to NAME OF YOUR TENANT at TENANT’S ADDRESS sent to him/her, copy to me for my file.

Please respond with your intended actions soonest.

Yours sincerely,

YOUR NAME... Read More

Gareth Thomas

11:03 AM, 18th May 2014, About 8 years ago

Will Ed Milliband lose 1 million landlords votes over this?


If the Government want more houses and flats they are more than welcome to buy mine for current market value with a sweetener of zero CGT payable by me and I would then be happy to sell the properties and leave them to manage the tenants any way they see fit. They could give the tenants lifetime contracts for £50 per week for all I care! They wouldn't make any money or even pay the expenses of the house but it wouldn't matter as they don't have mortgages to pay for. They can buy outright in cash.

I need these properties to supplement derisory pension benefits. I have to support myself and my family too somehow and property is one of the best ways of doing this as I am sure you know. I make no apologies for that. To make a pension income of £100,000 per annum I need £3,333,333 capital in a bank earning say 3% per annum, whereas if I pay off my mortgages of say £750,000 I get the same income. No brainer really.... Read More