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David Lovegrove

20:09 PM, 5th March 2021, About A year ago

Scrap the S-crap-ped Selective Scheme

Do not Manchester City Council already operate Selective Licensing in four separate areas of the City ?
It might be interesting to collect data as to the success or otherwise of these schemes both in terms of improvements and there financial viability.... Read More

David Lovegrove

18:16 PM, 20th February 2021, About A year ago

Beware of useless boiler maintenance contracts?

Reply to the comment left by Edwin Cowper at 20/02/2021 - 10:36
Yes, a familiar story.
I had a tenant last week with no central heating and with a baby of 14 months.
After holding on the phone for ever and a day listening to Covid 19 messages along with numerous automated appointment dates a month away I was told that it wasn't an emergency because the baby was over 12 months.
Was then advised to call out a local engineer and send them this bill !
I find this unacceptable when i pay B.Gas a monthly fee to avoid any potential hassle of trying to find someone at short notice .
P.S. energy companies like B.Gas hold a priority register and a household with anyone under the age of 5 is considered vulnerable.
How can they expect anyone to wait a month to attend a breakdown.... Read More

David Lovegrove

19:33 PM, 17th February 2021, About A year ago

Gap and loophole between content and buildings insurance?

I am the only leaseholder in a multi storey block and my considerable service charge includes building insurance. I would doubt if any of the tenants in the block hold contents insurance and I have not taken this out as I let out my property unfurnished.
Last August storm damage caused significant damage to a number of flats and communal areas on the upper floors.
My flat has a large hallway and the wallpaper was ruined including that on the ceiling.
The Freeholder , ( the local housing association) refused to accept a claim against their building insurance as they classed wallpaper as a content and a claim should be made against my tenants non exsistant contents insurance. It beggars belief that wallpaper could be classed as something that can be taken from the property.
I contacted the housing association insurers directly and they are now processing my claim less a £250 excess.
Damage to other flats and communal areas must have run into several thousands of pounds but the Housing Association seem to have corrected damage to their social housing properties without making a claim against their insurance leaving me to pay the total excess !
Attempts to ask for the housing association to redecorate at their own expense also fell on deaf ears .... Read More

David Lovegrove

21:55 PM, 8th June 2020, About 2 years ago

Eviction Ban Extended 2 Months Until 23rd August

Just wondering if there are any landlords affected by this eviction ban who have successfully applied to be furloughed and if so what criteria was applied ?... Read More

David Lovegrove

8:16 AM, 7th September 2019, About 3 years ago

Nottingham Selective licensing adds £40 pm costs to tenants

Mick , have you written evidence of the homelessness figures before and after licensing I may have to challenge another authority?
Leeds City Council have also recently acknowledged that their recent designation may result in a increase in homelessness.... Read More