Lone tenant hassled over re-signing of contract

Lone tenant hassled over re-signing of contract

18:02 PM, 3rd June 2014, About 8 years ago 25

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I joined Property118 today because I need to get my gripe ‘out there’. Lone tenant hassled over re-signing of contract

I have been described as the ‘perfect tenant’ by previous landlords/agents. I am 61, live on my own, like to potter in the garden but basically keep myself to myself.

I am very good at diy so never bother the landlord/agent with things, just get on and do it myself.

I moved into this two-bed semi property eight months ago, insulated the loft, masticed around doors, renewed the front and back door seals, insulated behind boiler, fixed the leaky cistern – and overflow……really improved the place – even completely renovated the clapped out greenhouse. Anyway, when my six months was up my agent came round to ask me to sign up for another 12 months, I said that I would just like it to rollover. It was on this occasion I told her that the aerial had fallen off the chimney stack and was lying on the roof. Apparently this was ‘not the landlords responsibility so I left it at that, slightly disappointed they were of no help. Initially the landlord boasted a good digital signal in the house.

One week later the agent phoned and said the landlord insisted on me signing the new 12 month agreement. I refused.

A week later they phoned me again saying the landlord wanted security and knowledge I would not leave during the winter months.

Again a week went past and yet another call, the landlord had had a heart attack and wanted me to sign.

Today (June 3) they have phoned again.

Now, FOUR TIMES they have phoned me and I am feeling hassled. I dare not answer the phone now in case it’s them again.

I now feel so unsettled I am looking for somewhere else in the same area.

Cannot these landlords/agents see how they are acting.

Sometimes I feel they end up with the tenants they deserve!!!

Rant over

Nigel – The Perfect Tenant


Not All Agents Are Bad!

11:03 AM, 7th June 2014, About 8 years ago

I am really pleased to hear that you are getting things resolved and I think your previous landlord is an absolute fool to have lost you but I do know of landlords who do not look at the bigger picture unfortunately.

As an agent, we get fed up having to deal with a handful of landlords who always want to say "not my responsibility" to everything - you are right, it is a balancing act - there have been cases where I have paid for small things on a landlords rented property (ie an aerial booster" as I could see that the tenants were fabulous and just the kind of people you want as tenants, so when the landlord just refused to help them out (even though an aerial booster isn't strictly the landlords responsibility, we felt he could have made a gesture considering the tenants had just improved the garden by 100%), we took the decision to pay for it - those tenants are still there, and whilst we told the landlord what we had done to keep his tenants happy, he has never acknowledged this and most certainly does not appreciate it.

Onwards and upwards though and good luck to you in your new home! (just be careful with your deposit)


Mark Alexander - Founder of Property118 View Profile

11:19 AM, 7th June 2014, About 8 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Not All Agents Are Bad!" at "07/06/2014 - 11:03":

Whilst some agents would never see the logic in that I totally see why you would have done it. You now have a happy tenant despite having a landlord who cannot see the bigger picture.

A friend of mine over in America wrote a book many years ago called Raving Fans. His name is Ken Blanchard, you may have heard of him. He also wrote The One Minute Manager, Whale Done!, Gung Ho! and many other best sellers. Ken is the person who taught me the value of going the extra mile to turn customers into Raving Fans. I apply this philosophy to all of my business interests and it pays massive dividends, often unexpected.

A really good example of this has been the growth of Property118. Given that we are a website dedicated to facilitating the sharing best practice amongst landlords and letting agents a few of our readers complained when we first started publishing readers letter from disgruntled tenants and advising them of their rights and how to respond to their mistreatment. I dare say we lost a few readers initially as a result of this policy but we gained a lot more over time. This is because those tenants refer other landlords and agents, as well as tenants, to Property118. Also, the landlords and letting agents who help these tenants also talk about Property118 to their peers too. Best of all, everybody learns from these discussions and that it very good news as it means that we have achieved our objective to provide a platform where the sharing of best practice in the PRS has been facilitated.

As Nigel said in his summing up comment "you reap what you sow"

Not All Agents Are Bad!

11:35 AM, 7th June 2014, About 8 years ago

Definitely agree there Mark - i will have a look at those books you mentioned.

Agents do tend to get the "blame" for everything - I have often thought about writing a book - "A day in the life of a rental agent" listing the delightful stories ranging from being held at knifepoint when attempting to do a mid term inspection, having a neighbour of a rental property actually bringing dog poop and dropping it on my office floor (as it was apparently our "tenants ******** mess so you lot clean it up"), having a tenant who set fire to his own flat, a landlord who had a heart attack whilst doing work at one of his properties, a landlord who locked his tenants in a house until they agreed to move out that day as he had split up with his wife and she had thrown him out of the family home etc etc! All jolly good fun!!!!

Perfect Tenant

11:55 AM, 7th June 2014, About 8 years ago

In reply to Mark's recent post - this reminds me of a poster I had on my wall when I was in charge of a Design Studio many moons ago. It read:
'Always give the customer more than they expect to receive.'

Perfect Tenant

16:47 PM, 25th September 2014, About 8 years ago

Mark has asked me to give an update to my thread so this I am now doing: I have not yet moved!! I have still not found a suitable property (will not go into details but I had one but it fell through). Although the last communication from my landlord was two months' notice, the agents said not to hurry and to take my time to find a suitable property. It transpired that the landlord has regretted his decision and is now hoping I will stay. (the aerial is still hanging off the roof!!). But as far as I am concerned our relationship is soured and I still intend to move out as soon as I find a nice property. I am 61 and do not relish another wasted move so am making sure I fine a really nice place before I commit myself. I must say though, I am amazed at how many Estate Agents do not bother to send you details of suitable properties even though they advertise they want your details. Some, one notable one was Sandersons Lettings in Darlington, made me feel downright uncomfortable and the girl I was talking to showed absolutely no interest whatsoever. Thankfully, others have been more accommodating. The search continues......

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