Landlord Tax Levy Campaign

Landlord Tax Levy Campaign

12:16 PM, 1st August 2015, About 7 years ago

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Would you be prepared to invest just 15 minutes a day to campaign against the Budget proposals to restrict finance cost relief for private landlords?

If so please complete the form at the bottom of this article.

Every day we will send you one email with new campaign ideas, for example:-

1) Letter templates (first example below)

2) Press releases for you to customise and distribute to your local newspaper editors

3) Social media ideas that you can copy/paste on Linkedin or Facebook and Tweets that you can re-tweet

4) SMS Text and What’s App ideas for you to forward to friends, family, tenants etc. (hopefully creating viral campaigns)

Join The Landlord Tax Levy Campaign Group

YOUR Money, YOUR future, YOUR choice.

Here’s just one idea to get you started.

Please send this letter to the Chief Executive of your local Council…..

SUBJECT: Impact of Summer Budget on the housing market in [insert your Council area, e.g Breckland District Council]

Dear [insert Chief Exec name] Please send this letter to the Chief Executive of your local Council

I wish to draw to your attention a part of the Chancellor’s Summer Budget 2015 that is likely to have consequences for [insert your Council area] if the Government’s tax changes go ahead in their present form. The proposal I am referring to is the proposal to restrict finance cost relief for private landlords. The reason I am bringing this matter to your attention is because I am certain that the proposals will have social and economic consequences for the people living within the [insert your Council area] area.

The issues are set out in the attached document which has been prepared by a small group of concerned landlords who want people to understand the issues. I would draw your attention the concerns about what will happen if there is a reduction in the supply of private rented accommodation, particularly the increased homelessness that is likely to result.

As you may have seen in the press, there is now an e petition to have this matter discussed in Parliament. The petition achieved its initial target of 10,000 signatures within just a few days, this guarantees a response from Government. The next target is to achieve 100,000 to pressurise a debate in Parliament. Many of those who have signed are not landlords, they are tenants and home owners concerned about the possible implications for them.

The petition can be found at:

I would urge you to consider the issues highlighted in the attached document. I assume you will be preparing a report to committee on the implications of the Summer Budget for your council and would ask you to confirm if you will include this matter in your report.

Yours sincerely

[insert your name]

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