Helping Landlords Sell despite evictions ban extension to 31st May

Helping Landlords Sell despite evictions ban extension to 31st May

13:45 PM, 1st April 2021, About 3 years ago

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It was an evictions ban that was due to end on the 31st March, but the government has announced an extension to the ban on evicting tenants. A survey conducted by This Is Money showed that 70% of landlords have been contacted by tenants worried about paying rent.

Tenants that can’t pay rent, and Landlords that can’t evict them. That coupled with house prices predicted to fall following the end of the stamp duty holiday in June, and it’s clear that now is the perfect window to release the cash in your portfolios and sell up. Experts and Landlord Agencies alike are agreeing, there has never been a better time to sell your property portfolios than right now.

Landlords are coming to us with several properties in one go, all with tenants, and we’re selling them all, with no eviction notice needed. My advice would be to sell up your portfolios now. Cash in now whilst you can still get a good price. Many of the Landlords coming to us are selling at least part of their portfolios, which I think is a sensible strategy in the current climate.

Whether it’s selling part of your portfolio to release cash to pay the upcoming tax bills, or selling your full portfolio now before house prices fall, National Residential are doing it, and they’re even doing it with tenants still in the properties, overcoming the eviction bans in a way that no other company is doing.

Helping Landlords Sell:

Being a private landlord myself, I first-hand understand the issues and challenges facing landlords right now. Now is the perfect time to sell, so it’s about overcoming problems fast, but also in a way that means both the landlord and the tenant are happy. At National Residential we know how to solve every barrier that landlords come up against, even for example when they can’t gain access to their own properties.

During Covid we’ve decided to go all-out to help landlords who are hit by section 24 taxes, by the pandemic, and by the recent evictions ban.

How we sell Landlord properties

Like many landlords at the moment, you may be considering selling either all or some of your buy-to-lets. Now is the right time, and we’re the team to do it. No matter what the obstacle, my experience, combined with my team’s expert knowledge, has allowed us to find that sweet spot.

Earlier in the month, a landlord approached us with a portfolio of 5 tenanted properties that spanned from Staffordshire all the way up to Newcastle Upon Tyne. He’d read about us here and wanted to see if we really could deliver what we say. Like many landlords who’ve been approaching us recently, he wanted to sell up his portfolio fast, but get a great price.

We promised him exactly that. The highest price for his buy-to-lets, no matter what challenges needed to be overcome. With a mixture of clever marketing to both investors and first-time buyers to drive up the prices and Covid-friendly video tours, we went all out to keep that promise.

The first property sold in 2 days and 10 days after that 2 more sold

By day 24 the fourth property had sold in Durham, and by day 26 the last and final small property was sold in Lancashire. The fifth property was sold to a buyer who was so happy with the photos and the video tour we’d got from the tenant, he made an offer without even viewing the property.

We handled everything

It really was that simple. £500,000 made in 26 days with zero hassle, worry or stress. The landlord was able to sit back and enjoy just over 3 weeks of relaxation knowing he had the best team in the UK solving every single challenge for him.

No matter what issues arise, we really do overcome every single obstacle to get your properties sold for the best prices. On top of this, as with every case, all our buyers are chain free and pay 1% (min £2500) deposits, ensuring that buyers, regardless of whether they’re first time buyers or investors, are financially committed to the sale from the start and are able to complete quickly.

There’s no better time to consider selling your property portfolios than right now, and you only have to read our reviews on Google and Trustpilot to see that we’re a company who absolutely delivers what we say every single time.

So if you’re a Landlord who is considering selling your property portfolio, get in touch today and see for yourself what we can do for you.

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